The planned release of 290,000 cubic meters of uncontaminated wastewater in the Öresund has provoked anger on both the Danish and Swedish sides. As recently as yesterday, Danish Environment Minister Lea Wermelin (S) entered the debate and now the message comes that the plans are temporarily put on ice.

"The work was scheduled to begin on Sunday morning, but after an agreement with the City of Copenhagen, it has now been postponed for 24 hours, so it will only start on Monday morning," writes Hofor in a comment, according to Berlingske.

Warns of increased algal bloom

Both the City of Copenhagen and the Municipality of Gentofte have given the two sewerage companies permission to discharge the sewage. The reason is a preliminary work on an extension of housing in Nordhavn in Copenhagen, which makes the ordinary waste pipe inaccessible for a limited time.

In total, 290,000 cubic meters comprise uncontaminated wastewater, corresponding to up to 200 filled swimming pools. The plans have been criticized by politicians, several experts and organizations. Among them the Danish Nature Conservation Association, which warned of increased algal bloom.

"Pooh sandwich on pooh sandwich"

Municipal politicians and the county administrative board in Skåne have also reacted strongly.

"It is a problem for the Öresund region that we get poaching on poaching, but as much crap as they leave now we have not received before," the Scanian parliamentary politician Niels Paarup-Petersen (C) recently said.