In Japan, a professional wrestler in her twenties, who suffered from `` Ample, '' was found dead.

According to NHK, one organization, Kimura Hana (22), who appeared on a civil TV program showing six men and women living together in a share house (shared house), was found dead in a Tokyo home yesterday.

Known for being a female professional wrestler, Kimura is known to have been plagued by criticism from SNS when she appeared in the program.

NHK said on the SNS that appears to be Kimura's account, an article 'Hi' was posted this morning.

Because of this, the organization did not disclose the reasons for Kimura's death in detail, but the Japanese media say it would be a death related to the stress of malicious comments.

Nagayo Gisa, a female professional wrestler, said, "Sometimes, it becomes a very sharp knife, and it pokes and breaks deeply into the heart of a person. SNS, a tool that makes a convenient world that doesn't stick out its face. While mourning the deceased, NHK reported anger over malicious comments.

In addition, there are many articles in the SNS space urging people to be aware of the evil.

(Photo = Japan Wikipedia, Yonhap News)