China News Service, May 23, according to Reuters, on the 22nd local time, the US Department of Labor said that due to the epidemic, the unemployment rate of 50 US states and the District of Columbia rose in April. A record high, with the most job losses in California.

On May 7, local time, the Washington Potato Commission of the United States organized an event in Auburn City. Volunteers distributed bagged potatoes to the public. Due to the epidemic situation, these potatoes are facing slow sales due to clogged supply chain.

  According to reports, the Bureau of Statistics of the US Department of Labor stated that in April, the unemployment rate in 43 US states reached a record high, with the highest unemployment rate in Nevada, reaching 28.2%, almost double the unemployment rate (14.7%) for the same period in the United States.

  According to reports, Nevada is highly dependent on the food service and hotel industry, and the above industries have been hit hard by the epidemic.

  On the other hand, the three states with the most job losses in April in the United States are California (reduction of 2.3 million jobs), New York (reduction of 1.8 million jobs), and Texas (reduction of 1.3 million jobs).

  According to the Associated Press, just two months ago, California was experiencing unprecedented economic growth because it added 3.4 million jobs in 10 years, accounting for 15% of US job growth. However, data show that California ’s unemployment rate was as high as 15.5% in April, and 2.3 million jobs were lost. Two-thirds of economic growth was erased.

  Since March, California ’s unemployment rate has jumped 10.2 percentage points, the largest monthly increase since California began using the current formula to measure the unemployment rate in 1976.

  The California Employment Development Agency (EDD) reported that 5.1 million people have applied for unemployment benefits in California since March.