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A role in front of the camera and in the soundtrack of the event series of Netflix "The Eddy": Sopico, free electron of French rap, lives an intense spring, without forgetting a new promising opus.

But how do you find yourself on a set with Damien Chazelle (Oscar winner for "La La Land") and in the studio with Glen Ballard (collaborator of Michael Jackson or Quincy Jones) and Randy Kerber (craftsman of the Titanic or Forrest Gump soundtracks )?

"Musicians on the series proposed my name, the production was looking for French artists, says the young man of almost 25 years old at AFP. It only took one turn in my head when I saw the subject (life from a jazz club in Paris). After the casting, I was asked to try it out, either play a song with my guitar and read a text for episodes 1 and 2. And Damien Chazelle validated me! "

- Atypical course -

A guitar? Yes, because the Parisian first lived in rock mode - before urban music - "with a group, skateboarding and long hair", between riffs by Nirvana, Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix.

His unusual profile caught the ear of Ballard and Kerber. "They called me - there were five people on the phone in all! - and they asked me if I was comfortable with jazz, bossa, how I composed, etc.". Two weeks later, he finds himself between recording consoles at the Studios de la Seine with these sacred monsters. Without really knowing who they are. "I had the impression to work with UFOs, phenomena, they are very strong, always have a fresh approach. I have them + google-isés + and there I understood! I had an adrenaline rush (laughs) ".

But the sessions take place in "benevolence". Ballard and Kerber become "buddies". "Randy has moved to France and he calls me to make jokes for me, to troll me, he wants to speak street +," laughs Sopico, who has participated in seven songs, including " In the middle "where it is credited first.

- "Open up" -

And Damien Chazelle? "Passion, and we press well on both + s +. A great pedagogue and a big + charcoal maker +, who can make 25 or 30 takes for a scene". Sopico did not discover the world of cinema, with his training as cinematographer, but played for the first time, the role of a musician.

How many years has he gained with this incredible experience? "I lost it, I got younger in the sense that I now know what I really want to do". Evidenced by "Episode 0", his mini-album of six tracks, released on the label Spookland, founded by Yodelice, singer and guitarist with a rich solo career or serving stars, like Johnny Hallyday.

"Sopico is part of this generation with Georgio or Lomepal, who makes more of the rapped song than rap, which does not bend to a hip-hop orthodoxy", summarizes for AFP Olivier Cachin, author of the biography "Supreme NTM "(Michel Lafon editions). And who is not afraid to touch everything, since Sopico "even took charge of the design of a bottle of rum", recalls Cachin, journalist specializing in rap.

Musically, his desire to "decompartmentalize and open up" can be heard on the catchy "Landing", with this guitar diluted in layers of tension and melancholy. Next album to follow this year.

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