Los Angeles (AFP)

The return of the NBA becomes clearer: the league is in discussions with the Walt Disney group to invest its Orlando complex where it would like to resume its season suspended due to coronavirus at the end of July, a spokesperson for ESPN confirmed on Saturday.

"The NBA, in collaboration with the players' union (NBPA) has started discussions with The Walt Disney Company in order to explore the possibilities of restarting the 2019-2020 fiscal year at the end of July at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex which it owns. in Florida, said Mike Bass.

The latter said that this site based inside Disney World would serve as "a single campus for matches, training and accommodation."

Within this 220 hectare complex, there are three rooms for competing in meetings and enough hotel rooms to accommodate the various delegations, while limiting, private property requires, exhibitions with the outside world.

If the NBA commissioner Adam Silver must communicate on the fate of the season by the beginning of June, this announcement confirms the trend evoked in his last days by the site The Athletic in particular, which reported that Orlando had become the preferred option by the proceeding at the expense of Las Vegas.

If the NBA, which suspended its season on March 11 and the positive test at Covid-19 of the French Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz), has set its sights on Disney World and plans a return to play at the end of July, many other parameters remain to be defined.

For the time being no one knows in what form the championship will resume, while it remains to be played for about a month in the regular season.

As such, Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry said Friday that a board of directors for the body, with franchise owners, would be held next Friday.

According to ESPN, players should observe a quarantine of two weeks, then train individually for one to two weeks in their team's facilities, before going to collective training camp for two to three weeks.

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