The damage can cause the numbers to grow worse, which will have negative consequences for the forest owners. For several years the proportion of trees with pasture damage has increased, but this year the inventory in Götaland shows, among other things, that the elk have found something else to eat. 

- My assessment is that it is a combination of a lowered moose strain and that more pine trees have come, says Christer Kalén, a wildlife specialist at the Swedish Forest Agency.

Östergötland is at the top

It takes two years for the Swedish Forest Agency to inventory the pasture damage in Götaland and this year's measurements do not include the entire Östergötland.

- This year we have measured two areas in Östergötland, and one of them is the only area in Götaland that meets the goals for pasture damage, says Christer Kalén.

Throughout Götaland, the proportion of trees with pasture damage has decreased from 16 to 14 percent.

- I would definitely say it's a downturn. Then you can't be sure that it lasts.

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What happens when the elk get a chew on the tree plants? - The forest master explains in the clip. Photo: SVT