China News Service, Beijing, May 23 Question: China is flexible and realistic, releasing new expectations for development

  China News Agency reporter Nie Zhixin

  Special year, special two sessions, a special weight of government work report.

  Over the past 40 years, the "shortest report" and "policy beef" have exceeded expectations. Not only has the epidemic mark imprinted on the page, but also the content has demonstrated the flexibility and differentiation of the Chinese government in adjusting the 2020 "construction drawings" based on the epidemic variables.

  This report bears too many concerns at home and abroad, Chinese society wants to draw new momentum from it, and the world wants to find "Chinese answers" from it. How is China's next development going? There are doubts, worries, and expectations. Correcting the "China expectations" at home and abroad to an appropriate scale to make it a "booster" for China's subsequent development, the report is a timely carrier.

  Be flexible and start from the "real". The government work report clarifies the direction and method of force in 2020, strengthens the "expectation management" from different dimensions, and releases "new expectations" for China's development at home and abroad.

  —— China's development is "a balance between long and short", balancing short-term and long-term goals. Changing the past practice, this year China has no economic growth target, although it is rare, but it is also in line with the general forecast of the outside world. This shows that the Chinese government has fully taken into account the short-term impact of the epidemic "black swan" and future uncertainties, and changed with the trend, but has increased the confidence of the outside world in the quality of China's development. At the same time, looking at the epidemic variable under China's long-term development framework, a downward wave can not change the general direction of the development curve. The established big goals of poverty alleviation and overall well-off should still be completed as scheduled, so that the outside world can see stability and stability. Period of "Chinese execution".

  The realization path also talks about "combining long and short". Customizing a package of policies for Hubei's development and launching 90 aspects of reinstatement and reinstatement policies in eight areas are temporary relief measures; actively developing the digital economy and emerging industries is a long-term economic solidarity strategy, highlighting China's response to the complex economic situation Zhang Chi has a degree.

  ——China's development is "complementary from top to bottom", and the power of the government and the grassroots forces cooperate with each other. The report outlines several groups of comparisons: on the one hand, the government wants to really tighten the life, on the one hand, the enterprise tax cuts and fees "retain the green hills and win the future"; on the one hand, the government packs out macro policy tools, and on the other hand, "red envelopes" reach the grassroots Enterprises benefit the people; on the one hand, the government continues to decentralize to improve the business environment, on the one hand, it activates the vitality of market players; on the one hand, it requires the government to do a good job on its own, on the other hand, it is to "respect the grassroots initiative" ...

  The government allows the benefit of the people, grasps the big and let the small, and leverages the energy of the people to form a joint force of development, which not only conforms to the good governance direction of the Chinese government, but also is tested by the practice of anti-epidemic and the process of economic recovery. Such care of people's livelihood and people-oriented thinking echo the concerns of the Chinese people and enhance the people's expectation of trust in the government, which is conducive to building consensus before starting.

  —— China's development of "emphasis on both inside and outside", expanding domestic demand and promoting open legs. After this epidemic, whether China's consumption can return to the beginning, whether China's opening policy has changed, and whether there are more opportunities for foreign companies, is extremely concerned at home and abroad. Undoubtedly, the epidemic has changed China and the external environment, and it also allows the two customary expressions of “domestic demand” and “openness” in the government text to have a different focus.

  In extraordinary times, the report again mentions "expansion of domestic demand strategy", highlighting the orientation of people's livelihood, not only to boost residents' consumption, but also to expand effective investment, focusing on supporting the "two new and one important" construction that not only promotes consumer benefits and adjusts structural growth; The report continues to release the sincerity and strength of openness to the outside world, not only responding to the current "blocking" problem of global supply chains, but also responding to the implementation of the first phase of the Sino-US economic and trade agreement, the preparation of the third Expo and other external focus, strengthening China ’s defense The position of an open world economy. These inkings are conducive to raising the expectations of domestic consumption upgrades and foreign companies ’profit-making expectations in China. They also make them aware of uncontrollable external risks.

  From making judgments on the situation in the early stage, collecting internal and external concerns, displaying the focus of governance and various policy tools in the medium term, and ensuring the implementation in place and avoiding the risk of change in the later stage, the expected management of the government work report is truly a closed loop. I look forward to this special year's government work report, which can bring stable and appropriate Chinese expectations at home and abroad, and lead China through the second half of 2020. (Finish)