Dominic Cummings, adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is said to have left London in March in full confinement. (Illustration) - AFP

The British press and the opposition castigate the behavior of one of Boris Johnson's main advisers. Dominic Cummings, close to the Prime Minister, was surprised during the confinement leaving his London home to live with his parents in Durham, in the North East of England, the daily newspapers Daily Mirror and The Guardian said . In addition, he had the symptoms of Covid-19.

The opposition asked for an explanation. "The British people do not expect that there will be one law for themselves and another for Dominic Cummings," said a spokesman for the Labor Party. Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said that Dominic Cummings "will have to resign" if the facts are confirmed. Scottish separatist leader in Westminster Parliament Ian Blackford says "he must resign or be fired".

Cummings acted because he needed help looking after his son

Police in Durham confirmed that they had been informed on March 31 that someone had arrived from London. Dominic Cummings was seen at his parents' home with a child, who appears to be her son, the two newspapers added.

On that date, the government of Boris Johnson asked the population to only go out to meet their basic needs and demanded that those who showed symptoms not to leave their homes.

Challenging any rule violation, a Downing Street spokesperson said the counselor had done so because he needed help looking after his son and that he stayed in a building separate from the property. According to this source, his sister left shopping outside for the family.


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