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The Ministry of Health has reported today that a cruise ship with 400 passengers of various nationalities is in quarantine in the port of Barcelona after a case of a coronavirus positive was detected in a crew member, who has been isolated from the rest of the passage.

In a statement, Health explains that this Thursday a cruise ship with some 400 crew members of various nationalities on board has requested entry into the port of Barcelona and that the Maritime Health Declaration warned of the presence of "a crew member with mild symptoms compatible with COVID -19 ", which tested positive after the test.

"Given this fact, and given that cruise ships are prohibited from entering Spanish ports, Foreign Health sent an exceptional authorization to proceed with the disembarkation of this crew member," the note stated.

The crew member, indicates Health, is on board the ship and has been isolated and continues "with mild symptoms."

The rest of the crew, also on board the boat, is without declared symptoms and remains in quarantine.

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