A plane with 99 people in Pakistan crashed. So far, 80 bodies have been rectified, but the place where the passenger plane crashed is a residential area, so more casualties are expected in the future.

Reporter Kim A-young.

<Reporter> The

residential area near Karachi Airport in southern Pakistan was engulfed in smoke.

Local time Yesterday (22nd) around 2:45 pm, the A320 passenger plane from Pakistan International Airlines crashed here.

[Tahir Hussein / Sightseeing (Pakistan International Aviation Technician): It usually doesn't sound like an earthquake when it crashes, but feels like an earthquake.] The

plane was about to take off an hour and a half ago from the northeastern area and drop off at a nearby airport.

Local airlines say at least two of the 99 passengers, including passengers and crew, seem to have survived.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has determined that there are no Korean passengers.

AFP reported that 80 bodies had been recovered, but the number of casualties is likely to increase.

The pilot was disconnected eight minutes prior to the crash after reporting a technical defect to the airport control center.

A voice file that was supposed to be the last communication was also released.

[LiveATC.net (air traffic control related site): The engine has stopped. Mayday (Rescue Signal), Pakistan8303.] The

Pakistani authorities, along with rescue and remediation efforts, have identified the exact cause of the accident.

Pakistan stopped operating domestic flights from March in the aftermath of Corona19, and resumed operations on the 16th of this month.