On May 22, after the opening meeting of the Third Session of the 13th National People's Congress, the first "minister channel" interview event was held, and some heads of relevant ministries and commissions who attended the meeting were interviewed via online video.

  China Daily reporter: We have noticed that since the spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in the world, the international food market has fluctuated greatly, and food security has once again become a topic of concern to society. Excuse me, how is our food production situation this year? Is our food security guaranteed? Thank you.

  Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Han Changfu: Thank you for your question. Food has always been a concern of everyone, especially the spread of the global new pneumonia epidemic this year. Some countries have increased food reserves and some countries have restricted food exports. So some people worry that there will be a food crisis in our country. On this issue, I can say with certainty that China will not have a food crisis. Here I want to use four sentences to give everyone a "heart-pill": the grains have been harvested year after year, the inventory is relatively abundant, the rations are absolutely safe, and the rice bowl is in your hands.

  Han Changfu: Our country has had a bumper grain harvest for more than a decade. Last year ’s output was 1.3277 trillion catties, and it has remained above 1.3 trillion catties for five consecutive years. This shows that we already have this production capacity. Now the national per capita food occupancy is much higher than the Food Security Standard Line issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The self-sufficiency rate of the two major rations, namely rice and wheat, has reached 100%, and now the production exceeds one year in stock, which can be used by the people of the country for one year. So we have full confidence and confidence in food security! You don't have to listen to the hype that is rootless and groundless.

  Han Changfu: Of course, we cannot relax food production at any time, especially in the context of the spread of the global epidemic and economic downturn. General Secretary Xi Jinping said that the more faced with risk challenges, the more stable the agriculture, the more secure the food and important non-staple food. In response to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic this year, the central government has adopted a series of unconventional measures to stabilize food production. For example, a spring production guide has been issued, food production tasks have been issued, and a series of policies and measures have been issued. We have achieved both the prevention of epidemic situations and the production of spring farming. Judging from the current production scheduling situation, the overall situation of agricultural production is still very good. Spring sowing has completed 90%, the area is stable and increased, and it is expected to be more than 910 million mu, and the basic species are in the high yield period. Early rice has increased by 4.7 million mu this year, and the total amount has reached 71 million mu, achieving a recovery growth. In particular, summer grain wheat grows better this year than usual. No matter the number of ears per mu, the number of grains per ear, and the 1000-grain weight that can be expected in the later period, the overall is good.

  Han Changfu: In the next step, according to the deployment of the government work report, we must do a good job in this year ’s grain production, especially the following links: First, we must strengthen disaster prevention and reduction. Prevent major diseases and insect pests such as Spodoptera frugiperda and meteorological disasters. The second is to do a good job of implementing policies, including raising the minimum purchase price of rice, and timely acquisition to protect farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain. The third is to put Tibetan grain on the ground and Tibetan grain on the ground. This year, 80 million mu of high-standard farmland construction will be completed. In short, this year ’s grain production will not be relaxed, and we must make every effort to ensure that grain output is stable at 1.3 trillion catties to achieve a bumper grain harvest in the well-off year. Thank you.

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