• Azzolina: "Maturity in attendance, but there will be no writings. One hour interview"
  • Azzolina: "Maturity in attendance, but there will be no writings. One hour interview"
  • Coronavirus, Azzolina: the high school exam will be in attendance. The interview will last an hour
  • Offensive phrases on textbooks, Azzolina: "You have to be vigilant"
  • School Survey: 92% activated distance learning, half of the students left out
  • School, the parity protest: we risk closure. Proclaim two days of strike
  • School, green light to the hiring of 4,500 precarious teachers


May 21, 2020 "The government will accompany the return to school of our students safely and considering the conditions determined by the progress of the epidemiological emergency". The Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, said this during a hearing in the culture committee in the Chamber. "We are proving it with reference to the state exam of the second cycle of education," he added. "I intend to reassure school leaders, we are working to ensure that everything does not fall on their shoulders. There will be clear and truly applicable rules," the minister said.

Close schools decision suffered but necessary
"The closure of the schools has been painful, it has been a wound, but this choice has served to save many lives," said the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina, during a hearing of the Chamber's Culture Commission. "Distance learning was an obligatory choice in which teachers, students and families gave their best - he added -. It was not perfect, but it served. We must collect this legacy without fear".

1.4 billion for the school in the revival decree
"The effort made led us to 1.4 billion euros in the revival decree, not a little for a sector that has always been under-financed". Education Minister Lucia Azzolina said this in an audition in the Chamber.
"We have allocated 39 million to implement all the security measures related to the state exams. Among other things, we have signed an agreement with the Red Cross, to provide the right training for teachers from the point of view of health and safety."

Distance learning will leave important legacies
"Distance teaching was a useful tool for staying close to the students. It was a forced choice, we had no alternative. Teachers and families did their best, showing great spirit of adaptation. it was perfect, but it was a teaching of closeness. The school has shown great reaction, there has been an acceleration in terms of technology that we must also accept for the future. The ministry has immediately implemented memoranda of understanding with public and private companies to support teaching and we have also involved Rai for programs dedicated to children. We have invested resources and given uniform indications to schools, also changing the way we communicate, issuing simple, clear notes and circulars. it is not called to replace face-to-face teaching, but it was a choice that we pursued with conviction at school she was not ready but now we have taken a step forward that will not be lost, "said the minister. "Distance teaching is not called to replace face-to-face teaching but we have carried it forward with conviction and can leave us important legacies. The school was certainly not ready but it has made progress", added Azzolina.

Maturity in presence for psychological and emotional aspect
"The choice to carry out the examination for Maturity in presence, based on the indications of the health authorities, and with appropriate safety protocols to protect the health of the students and staff involved, was made with the 'intent to save the psychological and emotional aspect of the exam itself, "said the Minister of Education, Azzolina. The goal was - the minister underlined - that "each student could conclude his / her path in high school, not only as a result of consolidated learning, but as a necessary evolutionary step in his / her journey towards adult life".

Extraordinary competition? possible alternatives
"We are working to ensure that the procedures are carried out in a safe condition for the participants and the staff. We are evaluating possible alternatives if the epidemiological scenario should change suddenly: a proposal, I think, with common sense. my goal is to hire temporary workers, pandemic has changed the life of each of us as we know how to be a community, "said Education Minister Lucia Azzolina about the extraordinary competition.