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is the news from China. The master of traditional martial arts played against an amateur martial arts player, and this man who was a master of martial arts suffered great shame.
A man named Ma Bao Guo, who claims to be a master of traditional Chinese martial arts. In the past, the British have been fighting against European martial arts champions three times a day to win.

Ms. Ma tells us to learn martial arts at least 10 thousand yuan at a time, and at least 10,000 won in our class.

However, recently, a question was raised about the price of fake Chinese traditional martial arts, and on the 17th, it was staged to combat the suspicion.

The other martial arts master in China decided to come out, but it was the amateur martial arts player that came out that day.

Mr. Ma hit the opponent's fist and collapsed four seconds after the match started, and after two more hits, he eventually lost a KO. This game ended in just 30 seconds.
After the game, Mr. Ma said that he had no problems with his body and could break his nose, but made an incomprehensible excuse that he had seen it.

Later, in China, criticism has emerged that, like Mr. Ma, there are many fake masters who try to make money while posing as masters of traditional Chinese martial arts.


That's good news, let's move on to the next one.

<Go Hyun-jun / Critic critic>

I will tell you the next news. It was November of last year. There was much talk about the inheritance of Mr. Guhara's leftover property, which suddenly passed away. It is expected that half of the property will eventually be received by the mother who appeared 20 years after the runaway.

This is because the so-called save law, which prevents inheritors from inheriting property that has neglected support obligations for parents or children, was eventually abandoned.
The previous law was initiated with the consent of more than 100,000 legislative petitions as a legislative petition raised by Mr. Kuho's older brother, Guho-in.

Mr. Ko had petitioned for legislation when Mr. Hara ran away from home when he was nine years old, and his mother, who had had no exchange for 20 years, appeared after Mr. Hara died and demanded inheritance.

Under current civil law, reasons for disqualification of inheritance are granted only in very limited circumstances, such as killing a family member or forging a will.

The 19th legislative review of the National Assembly's Judicial Judicial Council's bill was decided on a 'continued review' of the old Hara law.

Although it is a decision to continue the examination in the future, considering that it is the final meeting of the 20th National Assembly on this day, it was eventually abandoned.

As a result, Mr. Guhara's brother said he would try to pass the bill once again during the 21st National Assembly.


I have to watch a little bit of what will happen, but anyway, it is a rule of law called Unira. Until the law changes, we should do it according to the original law. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyunjun Go / Critic Review> The

following is a photo of a map of the Korean Peninsula in the defense office of the Japanese Defense Minister Kono, and various speculations have been made about what the intention is.

Defense Minister Gono posted on the SNS on the 19th that he had a telephone conversation with the defense ministers of Indonesia and Singapore, along with pictures of himself making a call in the office.
In the photo, there is a flag of Indonesia and the flag on the desk. You can also see how the sun rises behind. However, you can see that a map of the Korean Peninsula is hanging next to it.

As the photos quickly spread online, there were suspicions as to why a country's defense office was hanging on a map of a specific country, and whether there was any other intention to expose this image to social media.

Unfortunately, the Japanese government was controversial in the diplomatic office released on the same day, claiming that Dokdo was clearly Japan's own territory under international law, even in the light of historical facts.

An official from the Defense Department's press room explained that the map of the Korean Peninsula had been around for quite a while, and that other regions were also on the map.