(Interview between the two sessions) Shi Guangyin, "the hero of sand control": Maowusu desert is disappearing from the territory of Shaanxi

  China News Agency, Beijing, May 21st, Title: "Sand Control Heroes" Shi Guangyin: Mao Usu Desert is disappearing from the territory of Shaanxi

  China News Agency reporter Alina

  "The shrubs planted in the sand control at that time had a short lifespan, low economic value, and poor ornamental value. The possibility of secondary desertification was high, and the transformation of low-yield forests was urgent. With human efforts, the Maowusu Desert is disappearing from the territory of Shaanxi, and the barren sand turns into green land, but it is necessary to protect this green area and increase its greenness.

  The Mu Us Desert is one of the four major deserts in China, half of which is on the Great Wall of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province. Yulin City was once ravaged by yellow sand, and historically Yulin City was forced to move south three times, forming a passive situation of "sand advances and people retreat".

  Through sand prevention and control, the desertification rate of Yulin City has reached 93.24%, the 8.6 million mu of quicksand in the Yulin sandy area has all been treated, and the green territory of Shaanxi extends 400 kilometers to the north. What used to be "retreating from the sand" turned into "retreating from the sand". At the same time, the population and number of animals and plants are constantly enriching, and the "life-forbidden zone" has become an "occupation oasis."

  Shi Guangyin was born in Haiziliang Township, Dingbian County, Shaanxi Province on the southern edge of the Maowusu Desert. In his childhood, he moved with his parents nine times because of wind and sand hazards. This is also a true portrayal of the "Sand Advances to Retreat" scene in the Maowusu Desert. The childhood experience made Shi Guangyin determined to "combat" with Sha.

  For more than thirty years, Shi Guangyin led a group of tough guys in northern Shaanxi, planted more than 53 million (clump) arbor shrubs on the contracted 250,000 mu of barren sandy alkali beaches, creating a long hundred The "Green Great Wall" in Yuli.

  "The sustainable and healthy development of the sand control business must have certain self-economic support, so we must develop and utilize desert resources and ask for benefits from the desert." Shi Guangyin said that he and his team formulated desert sand control, development and utilization of desert sand, Combining sand control and prosperity, relying on forest and grass resources to develop animal husbandry, realizing industrial driving, and realizing the development strategy of collective prosperity and prosperity.

  It is understood that there are more than 150 enterprises and institutions engaged in the sand industry in Yulin City, with an annual output value of 480 million yuan and more than 100,000 employees. Under the protection of a good ecological protection barrier, Yulin has also constructed a unique main frame of the economic forest industry, which has driven the development of planting, aquaculture, processing industry and eco-tourism.

  Shi Guangyin, who "does only one thing to control deserts in his whole life," has always been most concerned about, and he is still thinking about desertification. His suggestions to the conference this time are also about desertification prevention and control and returning farmland to forests.

  "It is recommended that more efforts should be made to advance desertification prevention and control." Shi Guangyin said that he hopes to use the organic combination of "prevention, control, and use" to solve the current bottlenecks in desertification prevention and control and establish a desert ecology under the premise of respecting nature and conforming to nature. The compensation mechanism clarifies the main body of compensation and the beneficiary, etc., and encourages people in sandy areas to actively participate in sand prevention and control.

  In addition, Shi Guangyin also proposed to amend and refine the relevant regulations, increase the means and means of protecting the desertified land after treatment to prevent destruction and re-desertification; increase the content of post-event supervision of construction activities in the protected area of ​​the desertified land closed protection area Wait.

  "Improve and optimize the fiscal and taxation policies and investment policies for the development of the sand industry, and improve the investment income distribution mechanism. Improve the provisions on disposal after the expiration of the existing sand control contract to give sand control people long-term confidence support." Shi Guangyin also suggested Further improve the rights and interests guarantee mechanism of the main body of sand control.

  In addition to preventing and controlling desertification, Shi Guangyin also suggested increasing support for returning farmland to forest and mobilizing farmers' enthusiasm for returning farmland to forest and consolidating achievements.

  "In recent years, my top priority has been to carry out low-yield forest transformation and plan to plant 100,000 acres of high-quality tree species dominated by Pinus sylvestris. Currently, 50,000 acres have been completed, which is also a long-term work." Shi Guangyin told reporters in 2020 A part of the tree planting plan for the year has been completed. After the two sessions, he will lead everyone to continue planting trees.

  "The prevention and control of sand in the new era must not only solve ecological problems, but also solve the problem of people getting rid of poverty and becoming rich, and achieving ecological beauty and prosperity for the people." Shi Guangyin said. (Finish)