China News Service, Beijing, May 20 (Reporter Ma Haiyan) The "2019 National Education Development Statistical Bulletin" released by the Ministry of Education on the 20th shows that there are 531,100 schools of various types and types in the country, an increase of 11,300 from the previous year ; There are 282 million students in all levels of education at various levels, an increase of 6.6062 million from the previous year; 17.32300 full-time teachers, an increase of 591,800 from the previous year.

  Among them, there were 281,200 kindergartens nationwide, an increase of 14,500 from the previous year; there were 47,138,800 children in kindergartens, an increase of 574,600 from the previous year. The gross enrollment rate of pre-school education reached 83.4%, an increase of 1.7 percentage points from the previous year.

  There are 212,600 schools in compulsory education nationwide with enrollment of 35,078,900 students, 154 million students, 100,16,500 full-time teachers, and a 94.8% consolidation rate for nine-year compulsory education.

  During the compulsory education stage, the children of migrant workers who moved into the city during the compulsory education period were 14.2696 million. Among them, 10.4023 million were enrolled in elementary school, and 3.849 million were enrolled in junior high school.

  There were a total of 24,400 schools in high school education nationwide, an increase of 55 from the previous year; enrollment of 14.3986 million, an increase of 901,100 from the previous year; 39.994 million students in school, an increase of 602,300 from the previous year. The gross enrollment rate for high school was 89.5%, an increase of 0.7 percentage points from the previous year.

  The total scale of various types of higher education in the country is 40.02 million, and the gross enrollment rate of higher education is 51.6%. There are 2,688 ordinary colleges and universities in the country (including 257 independent colleges), an increase of 25 over the previous year. Among them, there are 1,265 undergraduate colleges and 1,423 vocational colleges.

  There are 828 postgraduate training institutions, including 593 colleges and universities and 235 scientific research institutions. The average size of ordinary colleges and universities is 11,260, of which 15,179 are undergraduate colleges and 7,776 are vocational colleges.

  There are 191,500 private schools at various levels and types in the country, accounting for 36.13% of the country's total; the number of students in various types of education is 56,166,600, an increase of 2.384 million or 4.43% over the previous year.

  Among them, there are 6228 private primary schools with 9.4491 million students; 5793 private junior high schools with 6.874 million students; 3427 private high schools with 3.5968 million students. (Finish)