[Commentary] A few days ago, Zhou Hongyi, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman and CEO of 360 Group, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Service that in the context of the Internet of Everything, Internet security is closely connected with people ’s daily lives and also faces more challenges. Internet companies participate in the response.

  [Same period] Zhou Hongyi, Chairman and CEO of 360 CPPCC National Committee

  We have proposed a whole set of concepts including a connected car security brain, not only to consider this kind of protection in the car, but also to consider how to find a series of vulnerabilities in the entire car by, for example, simulating the red and blue confrontation. This time we discovered about 19 vulnerabilities in Mercedes-Benz, and there are many vulnerabilities. If they are not repaired in time, they will directly affect the serious dangers and injuries of car passengers or car drivers.

  [Commentary] Zhou Hongyi said frankly, without the escort of network security, the development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies would be like "streaking". The most urgent task to deal with network security risks is to collect and analyze big security data, and discover and block network attacks in a timely manner.

  [Same period] Zhou Hongyi, Chairman and CEO of 360 CPPCC National Committee

  Without the protection of this system of network security, any of our digital development is like "streaking". The faster you run, the higher the risk in the future. The cyber security brain uses the cyber security big data, coupled with the intelligent analysis of the cyber security attack knowledge base, such a full perspective to be able to perceive the cyber attack system. We do our best to detect cyber attacks on us, and find that cyber attacks can be blocked in time and traced back in time, so that all of our digital results today can be well enjoyed by everyone.

  [Commentary] Talking about the hot topic-the new infrastructure, Zhou Hongyi said that the new infrastructure mainly relies on cloud computing, big data and other information and communication technologies, and also faces Internet security risks. Therefore, he proposed in the proposals submitted by the "two sessions" in 2020 that in the process of developing new infrastructure, it is necessary to improve the corresponding Internet security system.

  [Same period] Zhou Hongyi, Chairman and CEO of 360 CPPCC National Committee

  I think the two biggest scenes of the new infrastructure, one is the industrial Internet and the other is a smart city. In the end, they hope to create value for consumers and ordinary people. But we have to see that all new technologies are used as a double-edged sword. As long as it is software, as long as it is written by humans, there must be vulnerabilities, then the vulnerabilities may be exploited. While building various new infrastructure digital systems, we should consider how to establish the entire security system synchronously, so that every step forward of the new infrastructure, security is guaranteed. We also call for the establishment of corresponding network security brains in the field of new infrastructure, in the field of 5G, and in the field of industrial Internet. Through a set of big data as an analysis system at the core, many of our systems have security protection capabilities It can be promoted as a whole, rather than relying on one or two software and hardware technology products for protection.

  Lang Jiahui reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]