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May 19, 2020 A meeting between the leaders of the center-right to discuss the motion of no confidence to Minister Bonafede and the demonstration for June 2 ended after about an hour. The meeting was attended by the leader of the League Matteo Salvini, the president of Fdi Giorgia Meloni together with Ignazio La Russa, Francesco Lollobrigida and Giovanni Donzelli. For Forza Italia the vice-president of the party Antonio Tajani and the vice-president of the blue senators Licia Ronzulli.

"At the request of the many Italians who have written to us, we are working to find ourselves together in the square on June 2 in Rome, obviously with all the security measures. We will be without flags but alongside the Italians. It is not possible that the relaunch decree is not yet been published, "he saidthe leader of the League Matteo Salvini at the end of the meeting. "We have accepted the appeal of the country, I am happy, we are ready, without party flags, to return to the side of the Italians who are waiting for us". So Matteo Salvini, at the end of the center-right meeting, with Giorgia Meloni and Antonio Tajani, confirms that the demonstration of June 2 will be of the whole coalition. "We are working together - assures the leader of the League - to find ourselves in complete safety in Rome and in a hundred other Italian squares. 

" On June 2, together as center-right, we want to give voice to the dissent of the Italians. We want to give a voice to that Italy that no longer believes in the promises of this government, which still has to pay the layoffs, which has not yet shown a euro to the companies and which meanwhile thinks about regularizing illegal immigrants or getting bosses out of the prison, as has happened in recent weeks. " Brothers of Italy leader Giorgia Meloni said in a statement at the end of the center-right summit." We want to say - he adds - that patience is over. We want to do it in the name and on behalf of the millions of Italians who want to express their dissent and we will obviously do so by respecting the rules. "To those who ask them if the place has been found and decided how to carry out the initiative, replies:" We we are working. In moments like these, imagination must be made fruitful.

"On June 2, put forward a series of proposals for the country. Italy needs liquidity, money does not come and many Italians are preparing to lose their jobs. Yesterday 3 out of 10 companies have not reopened and the risk is that they will not reopen ", said Forza Italy vice-president Antonio Tajani  at the end of the center-right summit.