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American bio company announced the results of the formation of antibodies in the clinical trial of Corona 19, it was excited by the US stock market. President Trump is rumored to be taking malaria drugs warned of the risk of side effects.

Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung will deliver from Washington.

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the clinical trial for the Corona 19 vaccine candidate, US bio company Modena announced that all 45 participants had formed Corona 19 antibodies.

Vaccine candidates were given to test participants, and antibodies formed similar to or surpassing those recovered from infection with Corona19 were formed.

[Tal Jax / Modena Officer: Antibodies formed have been proven to help cells block corona19 infection.]

Modena says that they have been approved for a phase 2 clinical trial by the US Food and Drug Administration. He said he will proceed with the test.

The New York Stock Exchange in the United States also peaked in 10 weeks as expectations for vaccine development grew.

The Dow has risen more than 900 points. As oil prices have risen around 8%, Western Texas crude oil has regained $ 30 a barrel.

President Trump says he is taking the anti-malaria drug, hydroxy chloroquine, to prevent corona19 as a gift from God.

[Trump / President of the United States: I am taking malaria medicine, hydroxy chloroquine. I started eating a couple of weeks ago.]

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that taking malaria medication as a corona19 treatment may cause heart disease side effects, and should be used in addition to hospital use.