Abu Dhabi City Municipality announced that it has finished decorating the main and subsidiary streets, bridges and roundabouts of Abu Dhabi Island with hundreds of illuminated paintings, to celebrate the coming of Eid Al-Fitr, with the aim of introducing joy to the souls of members of society, and expressing joy in receiving this occasion dear to everyone's hearts.

The municipality reported that its work teams are working on installing Eid Al Fitr decorations as an additional adornment for the adornment of Ramadan, to embody the spirituality of Eid Al Fitr and what it represents in the community, as the panels are distinguished by a mixture of geometric combinations chosen between stars and family and the words of congratulations on Eid Al Fitr.

She added that 600 illuminated panels for Eid al-Fitr were added to the decorations of Ramadan, which included decorations of bridges and roundabouts for Ramadan, as well as the installation of Eid decorations on the front lighting poles at each intersection of the main and branch roads.

The Eid decorations paintings include many greeting phrases and words that are well-known in the Emirati society, such as: “Your blessed Eid”, “May you be from his pawns”, “Be accustomed to you”, “From the returnees and the sheep”, “From the returnees and the peace”, where many colors were combined In one painting to give it a special spirit that distinguishes it from other occasions, in addition to vaccinating all the figures and collections with acrylic.

The municipality was keen that the luminous formations and figures that are installed within the decorations of Eid Al-Fitr should be of appropriate sizes and safe for road users, including cars and pedestrians, and that all of them be made of environmentally friendly materials, and of high quality in terms of insulation and resistance to all weather factors.

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