Dubai Police has developed its smart monitoring systems in the streets to be able to measure the temperature of passers-by and ensure their commitment to social distance in public places through its cameras, which are managed according to the "eyes" system.

The Director of the General Department of Artificial Intelligence, Brigadier Khaled Nasser Al-Razouki, said during a remote seminar on the use of artificial intelligence in combating the Coruna virus, "Dubai Police is keen to harness the latest technology in its front-line action to combat Corona Virus Covid 19, including a thermal sensor to read heat People quickly and accurately and use this technology through the giant monitoring base developed and established by Dubai through the cameras spread throughout the city, and the integration of these technologies to benefit from them in reading the temperature of pedestrians along with the basic tasks of tracking and learning about the location. Lubin and monitoring the security and traffic movement for which the eyes system was established.

He pointed out that the thermal sensing system depends on the use of artificial intelligence in feeding the surveillance cameras that are managed according to the "Oyoon" system to monitor the temperature of pedestrians, visitors of public places and commercial centers.

He pointed out that the eyes system was developed mainly to provide technical support to the criminal, traffic and tourism sectors in the emirate, and allows the identification of wanted people through the feature of reading faces through cameras, as well as analyzing behaviors and reading body language, but in light of the spread of Corona virus the system has been updated to play a role An assistant in the control operations in the emirate's streets.

He referred to testing the ability of the smart system that controls the cameras to monitor violations of social divergence, by determining the distances between people in commercial centers and public places, by means of artificial intelligence and in the case of monitoring any oversight, an alert is immediately sent to the control department to take the necessary action.

He explained that work is currently underway to feed the artificial intelligence system with the necessary algorithms to anticipate the end date of this pandemic.

He stressed that Dubai Police has a strategic road map until 2021 to provide all kinds of technical solutions, programs and applications to feed different sectors, including customer service through the use of artificial intelligence in identifying people's needs, and secondly: crisis management, human resources management and the work system in Dubai Police.

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