There was a fear of an influx of tourists on the coasts, because of the good weather and the deconfinement. Finally the situation was rather calm and the barrier gestures respected this weekend. Example on the side of the beaches of the North, in Malo-les-Bains, where this weekend served as a test before, perhaps, larger openings.

Good weather and deconfinement could have rhyme with an influx of tourists on the beaches and non-compliance with barrier gestures. Finally, the situation seems to have been rather calm this weekend, with strict rules like when reopening the beaches in the North: picnics prohibited, no towels on the sand, nor on the dike, direction of traffic, marking on the ground ... Measures generally respected on Saturday on the sand of Malo-les-Bains, where there was no crowd.

Police and ambassadors barrier gestures

The mayor of Dunkirk, Patrice Vergriete, is therefore satisfied, and is already planning for next week. "It's a test weekend because we know that Ascension Thursday should be very sunny and beautiful, and we didn't want to start with a very busy day," he said.

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The city has therefore prepared: "The municipal police are very present, we have elements of control, and we also have ambassadors who act as barriers, around thirty people who will be able to advise and do prevention in a positive way. has put all the means to be able to succeed! "

"The ball is in the population's court"

Now, says Patrice Vergriete, "the ball is in the court of the population. If the barrier gestures are respected, we can perhaps go towards more flexibility. If it goes towards the positive, we will probably be able to sit on the sand in June; if we go to the negative, we won't be able to enjoy the beach at all. "