Since the outbreak of corona, Postnord has, according to its own survey "E-commerce in corona times", seen a record increase in parcel deliveries.

At the beginning of May, nearly 800,000 packages were shipped in one day throughout the nation, a level that only Black Friday usually reaches. For Postnord, which is one of the parcel players, this is an increase of between 30 and 50 percent in the country.

- First of all, it is about adjusting the staffing so that we have drivers and postmen who receive these shipments. It may be that a mail carrier brings a package with you on the tour and a package driver brings a letter with you on the tour, says Agnes Karlsson, Regional Manager at Postnord.

Customers estimate increases according to their own survey

Agnes Karlsson says that they also had an increase in shipments at Easter. She believes that people have chosen to send their Easter greetings with letters and packages now that we cannot be seen as before.

According to PostNord's own customer survey, customers' estimates have also increased during the corona pandemic - despite delays.

- The technical data says that we have had some kind of delay, but the perceived customer experience has suddenly become much higher during this period, says Agnes Karlsson.

Agnes Karlsson is Regional Manager at Postnord. Photo: Robert Gustavsson / SVT

Photo: Robert Gustavsson / SVT