China News Service, May 17 (Xinhua) According to Kyodo News, relevant Japanese sources revealed on the 15th that lawyers and jurists from all over Japan around the "Cherry Blossom Appreciation Meeting" hosted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the 21st, and later On the eve of being held in April 2018, at the dinner party held in a hotel in Tokyo, the meeting was suspected of providing meals to the voters present, violating the "Public Office Election Law" (donations), and so on. Submit a report to Abe and the Affiliated Supporters.

  Lawyers in Miyagi Prefecture established a group to investigate the issue of "Cherry Blossom Appreciation" in January 2020. Similar activities have been extended to the whole country, and whistleblowers are expected to include more than 500 lawyers and jurists. Abe stated in his parliamentary reply that "(the meal) is set by the hotel" and denied sending benefits to his supporters.

Data Map: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

  According to the report, Abe, representatives of the support committee and the person in charge of accounting conspired. Although the meal cost was 11,000 yen per person, it only charged 5,000 yen per person and provided a difference of about 6,000 yen. "; The support club received an estimated income of about 4 million yen from about 800 participants, and paid about 4 million yen to the hotel as a banquet fee. These two items were submitted to Yamaguchi Prefecture without being included in the income and expenditure report. The Electoral Affairs Commission is suspected of violating the “Regulations on Political Funds”.

  Lawyers related to the report pointed out: "If the hotel makes its accounting records public, the illegal status will be exposed."

  Around the Cherry Blossom Appreciation Meeting, many of Abe ’s local supporters were invited to participate and were criticized for “public use for private use”. In addition, there was a suspicion that the former chairman of the "Japan Life" company, which caused huge losses to consumers due to MLM, was invited with the recommendation of the prime minister.