Editor's note:

  In the 10th issue of 2020, Qiushi magazine republished the important article "General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the first meeting of the 13th National People's Congress". In this important speech, the general secretary deeply praised the Chinese nation, greeted the Chinese people enthusiastically, and deeply explained the great national spirit of the Chinese nation.

  With more than 5000 years of splendid civilization, more than 170 years of unyielding struggle, and more than 70 years of vigorous marching, what gave the Chinese nation endless motivation? What gives our country's support for life in desperation? It is a great people, a great nation, and a great national spirit cultivated, inherited, and developed by the Chinese people in the long-term struggle.

  The "Seeking Truth" "Speak New Language" studio has sorted out for you the great spirit of the Chinese nation that General Secretary Xi Jinping has praised since the 18th National Congress of the Party. Let us carry forward and celebrate the Chinese spirit!

  ✦ "Youyu Spirit"

  To firmly establish the concept of green water and green mountains is the concept of Jinshan and Yinshan, carry forward the "Yuyu spirit", coordinate the advancement of the management of mountains, waters, forests, lakes and grasslands, grasp the ecological restoration and management of "two mountains, seven rivers and one watershed", and implement the ecological protection and protection of the Yellow River Basin. National strategy for high-quality development, speeding up system innovation, strengthening system implementation, guiding the formation of green production and lifestyle, resolutely winning the battle of pollution prevention and control, and promoting the development and protection of development along the Yellow River in Shanxi.

  ——Xi Jinping listened to the speech of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government during the inspection in Shanxi on May 12, 2020

  ✦ "Two bombs and one star" spirit

  Fifty years ago, the "Dongfanghong-1" satellite was successfully launched. I was very excited to hear this news in Liangjiahe, northern Shaanxi. At that time, you were indignant and hardworking, creating extraordinary achievements that make people of all ethnic groups proud of the country, and demonstrated the great spirit of self-improvement of the Chinese nation. The merits of the older generation of astronauts have been firmly etched in the annals of New China. No matter how the conditions change, the spirit of self-reliance and hard work cannot be lost. The aerospace workers of the new era should follow the example of the older generation of astronauts, vigorously promote the spirit of "two bombs and one star", dare to overcome all difficulties and obstacles, be brave to climb the peak of aerospace science and technology, and allow the Chinese to explore space more stable and farther Early realization of the great dream of building a powerful space nation.

  ——Xi Jinping's letter to the old scientists participating in the mission of "Dongfanghong No. 1" on April 23, 2020

  ✦ Yanan spirit

  The Yanan spirit has nurtured generations of Chinese Communists and is a precious spiritual asset of our party. We must persevere in educating the vast number of party members and cadres with the Yan'an spirit to nourish the original heart and refine the soul, draw the power of faith from it, find gaps in party spirit, and calibrate the way forward.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech during his inspection in Shaanxi from April 20 to 23, 2020

  ✦ "Westward Spirit"

  The core of the "Westward Spirit" is patriotism, and the essence is to listen to the party ’s command and follow the party, breathe with the party and the country, and the nation and the people, and share the destiny, which has profound practical and historical significance. We must uphold the party's overall leadership over the work of colleges and universities, insist on building up morals, build a team of high-quality teachers, and strive to train more first-class talents.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech during his inspection in Shaanxi from April 20 to 23, 2020

  ✦ "Hard bone spirit"

  The grassroots level is the basis for all the work and combat effectiveness of the troops. I hope that you will keep in mind the goals of the strong army, pass on the red genes, work hard to win skills, carry forward the "hard bone spirit" and build the company even stronger.

  ——Xi Jinping's letter to all officers and men of the "Six Bone Company" on January 18, 2020

  ✦ Women's volleyball spirit

  To build a strong socialist modernized country in an all-round way, we need to be strong in all aspects. To achieve the goal of becoming a strong sports nation, we must vigorously promote the spirit of women's volleyball in the new era, combine physical fitness with the health of the people, combine the promotion of Chinese sports spirit with firm cultural self-confidence, adhere to the combination of the national system and the market mechanism, do not forget the original intention and persevere, Efforts to open up a new era of China's sports undertakings in a new era.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech when meeting Chinese women's volleyball team representatives on September 30, 2019

  ✦ Daqing spirit, iron man spirit

  Standing on a new historical starting point, I hope that all cadres and employees in Daqing Oilfield will never forget their original intentions, keep in mind their missions, vigorously promote the spirit of Daqing and the Iron Man, constantly reform and innovate, promote high-quality development, and shoulder the importance of being a good benchmark and building a century-old oilfield. Responsibility, make new and greater contributions to the realization of the "two hundred years" struggle goals and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

  ——Xi Jinping's congratulatory letter to the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the Daqing Oilfield on September 26, 2019

  ✦ May Fourth Spirit

  The May 4th Movement held high the great banner of patriotism with the strength of the whole nation. The May 4th Movement gave birth to the great May 4th spirit with patriotism, progress, democracy and science as its main content. Its core is the spirit of patriotism. Patriotism is the core of our national spirit and the spiritual bond of the Chinese nation's solidarity and self-improvement.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech on April 30, 2019 at the conference commemorating the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement

  ✦ Chinese sportsmanship

  Sports is strong and the country is strong. The development of sports is not only an important part of the realization of the Chinese dream, but also provides a powerful spiritual force for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We must promote the spirit of Chinese sports, promote the morality of sports, promote the coordinated development of mass sports, competitive sports, and the sports industry, and accelerate the building of a strong sports nation.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech on February 1st, 2019 when he inspected the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games

  ✦ The spirit of reform and opening up

  For 40 years, we have always adhered to the development of advanced socialist culture, strengthened the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, cultivated and practiced the core values ​​of socialism, inherited and promoted China ’s excellent traditional culture, insisted on guiding the way with scientific theories, and rallying together with correct public opinion To shape the soul with advanced culture and to inspire morale with excellent works, patriotism, collectivism, and socialist spirit are widely promoted. Models and heroes of the era continue to emerge, culture and art are increasingly prosperous, the cause of online information is developing rapidly, and the nation ’s ideals and beliefs Cultural self-confidence continues to increase, and national cultural soft power and Chinese cultural influence have increased significantly. The great spirit of reform and opening up created by reform and opening up has greatly enriched the connotation of the national spirit and become the most distinctive spiritual identity of the contemporary Chinese people!

  ——Xi Jinping's speech at the conference celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up on December 18, 2018

  ✦ Lei Feng spirit

  Lei Feng is a model of the times, and Lei Feng's spirit is eternal. Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires more models of the times. We must not only learn from Lei Feng's spirit, but also learn from Lei Feng's approach, transform lofty ideals and beliefs and moral quality pursuits into concrete actions, reflect in ordinary work life, make our due contributions, and inherit Lei Feng's spirit from generation to generation. .

  ——Xi Jinping's speech during his inspection in Fushun City, Liaoning Province on September 28, 2018

  ✦ Revolutionary spirit

  Do n’t forget the original intention, remember the mission, do n’t forget that we are communists, we are revolutionaries, and do n’t lose the revolutionary spirit. Yesterday ’s success does not mean that it can succeed forever in the future, and the glory of the past does not mean that the future can always be brilliant. Times are the people who write the paper, we are the people who answer the paper, and the people are the people who read the paper. To realize the prosperity and long-term stability of the party and the country, all party comrades must maintain the revolutionary spirit and revolutionary fighting spirit, be brave to carry forward the great social revolution in which our party led the people for 97 years, and must not be proud of victory or achievements. While slacking, we must not shrink back because of difficulties, and strive to make socialism with Chinese characteristics show a stronger and more convincing truth force.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech at the seminar on the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

  ✦ "Red Ship Spirit"

  During my work in Zhejiang, I once summarized the "red boat spirit" as a pioneering spirit that pioneered the world, steadfast ideals, persevering spirit of struggle, and the dedication of building the party for the public and loyalty to the people. We must vigorously promote the "Red Ship Spirit" in light of the characteristics of the times.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech on October 31, 2017 when he visited the site of the First Congress of the Shanghai Communist Party of China and the red boat of Nanhu Lake in Jiaxing, Zhejiang

  ✦ Saihanba Spirit

  For fifty-five years, the builders of the Saihanba Forest Farm in Hebei have followed the party ’s call and have worked hard and dedication on the desert sands where "the yellow sand covers the sky and the birds inhabit the trees", creating a human miracle of the wilderness turning into a forest. , Using practical actions to explain the idea that green water and green mountains are Jinshan and Yinshan, creating the spirit of Saihanba with mission in mind, hard work and green development. Their deeds are very touching and are a vivid example of advancing the construction of ecological civilization.

  ——Xi Jinping's important instructions to the moving deeds of the builders of Saihanba Forest Farm in Hebei on August 28, 2017

  ✦ Long March Spirit

  The spirit of the Great Long March is to take the fundamental interests of the people of the whole country and the Chinese nation above all else, to strengthen the revolutionary ideals and beliefs, and to believe in the spirit of a just victory for the cause of justice; it is to save the country and the people without fear of any hardships and dangers, and at all costs The spirit; the spirit of adhering to independence, seeking truth from facts, all proceeding from reality; the spirit of taking care of the overall situation, strictly observing discipline, and closely uniting; the spirit of closely relying on the masses of the people, relying on the lives and deaths of the masses, sharing difficulties and hard work. The spirit of the Great Long March is a vivid reflection of the revolutionary style of the Chinese Communists and the People's Army led by it, a concentrated display of the Chinese nation's self-improvement of national character, and the highest manifestation of the national spirit with patriotism as its core.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech at the conference commemorating the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March on October 21, 2016

  ✦ Earthquake resistance

  With the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the support of the general military and civilians throughout the country, the people of Tangshan have dedicated themselves to earthquake relief and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction in a tenacious and hard-working spirit, and have written a magnificent poem in the history of the struggle of the Chinese nation. In the process of fighting the earthquake disaster, the people of Tangshan have forged an anti-seismic spirit of forging selfishness, sharing troubles, perseverance, and courage. This is an important manifestation of the Chinese national spirit. Today, we will continue to carry forward the anti-seismic spirit and inject powerful spiritual power into the Chinese dream of achieving the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech during his inspection work in Tangshan, Hebei Province on July 28, 2016

  ✦ Space spirit

  Exploring the vast universe, developing the space industry, and building a strong space nation are the space dreams we relentlessly pursue. After successive struggles of several generations of astronauts, China ’s aerospace industry has created brilliant achievements represented by “two bombs and one star”, manned spaceflight, and moon exploration. It has embarked on a development path of self-reliance and independent innovation, and has accumulated profound and extensive Space spirit.

  ——Xi Jinping ’s important instruction on the first “China Aerospace Day” on April 24, 2016

  ✦ Jinggangshan spirit

  Jinggangshan is the cradle of the Chinese revolution. The most valuable treasure left to us during the Jinggangshan period is the spirit of Jinggangshan that spans time and space. Today, we must combine the new conditions of the times, insist on perseverance and pursuit of ideals, seek new paths with truth from facts, work hard to overcome difficulties, and rely on the masses for victory, so that the spirit of Jinggangshan can shine a new light of the times.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech when visiting and consoling the cadres and the masses in Jiangxi from February 1st to 3rd, 2016

  ✦ Patriotism

  Patriotism is the core of the Chinese national spirit. The spirit of patriotism is deeply rooted in the hearts of the Chinese nation and is the spiritual gene of the Chinese nation. It maintains the unity and unity of all ethnic groups on the land of China and inspires generations of Chinese children to make unremitting efforts for the development and prosperity of the motherland. For more than 5,000 years, the reason why the Chinese nation has withstood countless unimaginable risks and tests, and has always maintained a strong vitality, endless life, and succession are closely related to the profound and enduring patriotism tradition of the Chinese nation.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech at the 29th collective study of the 18th Central Political Bureau on December 30, 2015

  ✦ Zunyi meeting spirit

  The Zunyi Conference is an important meeting of great turning significance in the history of our party. It combines the basic principles of Marxism with China ’s specific reality, adheres to the path of independence and independence, firm and correct political lines and policy strategies, and builds a strong and mature central leadership collective. In other aspects, leave valuable experience and important revelation. We must make good use of the historical experience of the Zunyi meeting to let the spirit of the Zunyi meeting shine forever.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech when visiting the Zunyi Conference site and Zunyi Conference Exhibition Hall in Guizhou on June 16, 2015

  ✦ Anti-Japanese War Spirit

  In the magnificent process of the Chinese people ’s anti-Japanese war, a great anti-Japanese spirit was formed. The Chinese people showed the world the patriotic feelings of the world ’s rise and fall and common sense of responsibility. Perseverance, perseverance and belief in victory. The great spirit of anti-Japanese war is the precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese people, and it will always be a powerful spiritual force that inspires the Chinese people to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech at the symposium on September 3, 2014 to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist War

  ✦ Jiao Yulu spirit

  Comrade Jiao Yulu is a good public servant of the people, an example for the county party secretary, and an example for the entire party. The Jiao Yulu spirit of loving the people, hard work, hard work, seeking truth from facts, meeting difficulties, and selfless dedication is, is, is and will remain our party ’s precious spiritual wealth in the past, and it will never be outdated.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech at the extended meeting of the Standing Committee of the Lankao County Committee on March 18, 2014

  ✦ Yimeng spirit

  The victory of the revolution did not come easily, mainly because the party and the people were in harmony. The party put the people ’s interests first, seeking liberation for the people, and the people walked with the party, selfless dedication, and weeping! The Yimeng spirit should be vigorously carried forward. The Yimeng spirit, like the Yan’an spirit, Jinggangshan spirit and Xibaipo spirit, is a valuable spiritual asset for the party and the country, and it must continue to develop in light of the new conditions of the times.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech during his inspection in Linyi, Shandong from November 24-28, 2013

  ✦ Model spirit

  We must vigorously promote the spirit of model workers and play their role. The power of role models is endless. The model worker is a model of the national elite and the people. For a long time, the majority of labor models have created extraordinary results with ordinary labor, and created the spirit of labor models of "love the job, strive for first-class, hard work, courageous innovation, indifferent fame and fortune, and dedication", which has enriched the national spirit and the spirit of the times. The connotation is our extremely valuable spiritual wealth.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech on April 28, 2013 in a discussion with national model labor representatives

  ✦ Chinese spirit

  Realizing Chinese Dream Must Carry Forward Chinese Spirit. This is the national spirit centered on patriotism and the spirit of the times centered on reform and innovation. This spirit is the soul of the prosperous nation and the soul of the powerful nation. Patriotism is always the spiritual force that unites the Chinese nation together, and reform and innovation is always the spiritual force that urges us to keep pace with the times in reform and opening up. The people of all ethnic groups in the country must promote the great national spirit and the spirit of the times, continuously strengthen the spirit of unity and unremitting spiritual power, and always move towards the future with vitality.

  ——Xi Jinping's speech at the first meeting of the 12th National People's Congress on March 17, 2013