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Australian Nick Kyrgios said Briton Andy Murray was "better than (Novak) Djokovic" during a live conversation on the Instagram social network on Saturday between the two players, deprived of competition because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Djokovic played dodgeball on my service while you sent him back as a winner," said Kyrgios, who said he had drunk six glasses of wine before connecting to the live at midnight Australian time , from his house in Canberra.

"I think you should have one of the best careers of all time. I think you are better than Djokovic," said the world 40th.

Murray, who has three Grand Slam titles to his credit, against 17 for Djokovic, replied modestly: "The results suggest the opposite."

Winner twice in the Grand Slam final against Djokovic (at Wimbledon 2013 and at the US Open 2012), Murray remains largely dominated in all direct confrontations against the Serb, World No.1, by 25 victories against 11.

Murray, who was due to return from a hip injury in March if the pandemic had not stopped the ATP circuit, has won only two tournaments (Dubai and Antwerp) since 2017, and has considered taking his retirement.

The Scot, who has just turned 33 and now ranks 129th in the world, said that he felt "rather well" and that "everything would be fine" for him during the "return to normal" after the pandemic current.

In 2019, Kyrgios broke loose against Djokovic, saying that he had "a sickly obsession with the need to be loved": "He wants to be Roger (Federer, note). He wants to be loved so much that I can't not bear that, "said the terrible child of world tennis.

During this amazing live performance, Kyrgios asked Murray to play a double set. To which the Scotsman replied: "Only if you promise to hold on well, you said you would."

The 25-year-old Australian also recognized a new passion for oenology: "My knowledge and my interest in red wine increased incredibly during this period of confinement".

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