NHK Public Opinion Poll Trump Re-election has a bad effect Maintaining and strengthening Japan-US alliance May 16 17:58

In the NHK public opinion poll conducted before the US presidential election, more than half of the respondents said that President Trump's re-election would have a "bad impact" on Japan, while the Japan-US alliance said it should "maintain and strengthen". As many as 70% of the people, experts point out that no matter who becomes the president, Japan-US relations are important.

NHK conducted a public opinion poll by mail, targeting 3600 people aged 18 and over, from February to March, and received responses from 61%, or 2195 people, in an attempt to find out about Japanese awareness of the United States.

Trump re-election What is the impact on Japan?

When asked about the impact on Japan if President Trump is elected again in this year's presidential election,
▽ "Great impact" is 10%
▽ "Poor impact" is 57%
▽ "No particular impact" In 32%,
“bad impact” far exceeded “good impact”.

Resolve the abduction issue Rely on the Trump administration?

When asked if the Trump administration would be able to rely on North Korea's solution to the abduction issue,
▽ "very dependable" was 1%
▽ "somewhat dependable" was 15%
▽ "less dependable" was 52 %
▽ 30% said that they were completely unreliable.

Japan-US Alliance What should we do in the future?

When asked what should be done with the US alliance based on the Japan-US Security Treaty in the future,
18% said "it should be strengthened"
55% said that "it should be maintained as it is
" ▽ " 22% of
respondents should “decrease the degree of cooperation than now” ▽ 3% of “ought to be resolved
”, 73% when “reinforce” and “maintain” combined I went up to.

Expert "Everyone recognizes that the relationship with the United States is the most important"

Toshihiro Nakayama, a professor of Keio University who specializes in American politics, said, "This is a result of widespread recognition that regardless of who is the president, Japan's relationship with the United States is the most important. Something like anxiety might have been pointed out by the Trump administration. "