Detection problem? Outbreak again? At least 5 returning crew members of the "Roosevelt" aircraft carrier were infected with the new crown virus

  According to CNN's May 14, local time, citing Ministry of Defense officials, at least five crew members on the USS Roosevelt aircraft carrier were tested as "positive for New Coronavirus infection" after re-boarding.

  In April, more than 1,000 of the nearly 4,900 crew members of the ship were tested positive for the new coronavirus. Since then, the US Navy has developed several screening procedures to return those who recovered after two negative tests to the ship. However, despite these measures, the five crew members were again positive in the test.

  The official said that at least one of the crew returning to the aircraft carrier suddenly began to show symptoms, and the other four were closer to the crew.

  The official said that another 18 crew members who had close contact with the infected people had been taken off the ship. The official said that the initial preference for new cases to be detected may be a previous detection problem rather than a recurrence.

  Previously, after the "Roosevelt" evacuated about 4,000 sailors from the ship to Guam, the crew went through many weeks of observation and isolation. Then the crew returned to the ship again, hoping to let the aircraft carrier go to sea as soon as possible. (CCTV reporter Xu Dezhi)