[2020 National Two Conferences] Artificial intelligence "grab the rice bowl"? NPC deputies talk about the "double-edged sword" effect

  China News Agency, Nanjing, May 15 Question: Artificial intelligence "grab the job"? NPC deputies talk about the "double-edged sword" effect

  Author Yang Yanci Ge Yong

  The National Two Conferences will be held soon, and the central government will first mention the "six guarantees" (that is, to ensure residents' employment, basic people's livelihood, market subject, food and energy security, supply chain stability, and grassroots operation). At present, the "rice bowl" problem under the influence of artificial intelligence and epidemic situation has become the focus of the two sessions.

  "As a representative of the National People's Congress, I am more concerned about the field of employment this time. The central government moved from 'six stability to six guarantees' and employment was proposed as Article 1." Director Dai Yuanhu said that the relevant departments in Jiangsu had paid close attention to the impact of the development of artificial intelligence on employment before the outbreak.

  In Dai Yuanhu's view, after the widespread application of artificial intelligence, new requirements are placed on the employment structure and employment quality. Talking about job security, we must first face the era of artificial intelligence.

  Instead of escaping, excluding or relying, instead responding in advance as a first-hand and quick-hand, it becomes the choice of a large province of employment and a manufacturing province of Jiangsu.

  "I think that the development of the epidemic will inevitably accelerate the development of the artificial intelligence industry, first of all because many of the latest cutting-edge concepts have been widely used. The employment structure is actually subject to the adjustment of the industrial structure. Then, the change in the industrial structure will inevitably bring about changes in employment. Dai Yuanhu thinks.

  In terms of the impact of artificial intelligence on employment, Jiangsu has done some research.

  According to Dai Yuanhu, through a questionnaire survey of more than 1,000 enterprises and 680,000 employees, some preliminary conclusions have been drawn: First, artificial intelligence has created a large number of jobs. In more than 1,000 companies, more than 25% of new jobs are generated by the development of artificial intelligence. The survey predicts that in the next three years, 34.46% of technical and technical positions and 36.37% of engineers or technical R & D positions will increase.

  At the same time, problems ensue. Artificial intelligence has a great substitute for traditional repetitive operation positions. For simple functional positions with low diplomas, the impact can reach 50%.

  In general, artificial intelligence is like a "double-edged sword" for employment: in the future, this will bring a large number of new jobs; but at the moment, artificial intelligence needs to pay attention to the current status of traditional artificial "grab jobs" .

  Dai Yuanhu believes that, in addition to the impact on the employment rate, artificial intelligence will also bring challenges that cannot be underestimated to the traditional salary payment and social security systems.

  "Because the cross-border nature of AI-related jobs is relatively large and flexible, the long-term salary payment system, labor security system, and some policy measures in labor relations are worth further research." Dai Yuanhu believes Taking some new jobs created by artificial intelligence as examples, these are not in the traditional social security catalog. So how to "fill in the blanks" requires some ideas and plans.

  However, the era of artificial intelligence with both challenges and opportunities also brings a positive side to employment.

  Taking Dai Yuanhu as an example during the epidemic, "In the first quarter of this year, the number of new jobs in Jiangsu has increased, and it is also in the forefront of the national situation. This shows that as a manufacturing province, Jiangsu ’s economy is more resilient The development of science and technology brings more employment opportunities. Especially in unexpected situations, the advantages of intelligent manufacturing are brought into full play. "

  "When it comes to the impact of artificial intelligence on employment, I still have a cautious and positive attitude." Dai Yuanhu said, for example, since April, regardless of the amount of new urban employment and registered unemployment rate are developing in a good direction, among which, artificial The role of intelligence cannot be ignored. (Finish)