Can you be infected with the new corona virus twice? This question was reported by the Wall Street Journal as the latest science update on Corona's most troublesome questions.

The newspaper pointed out that more than 160 South Koreans came as a result of their examination last month due to having contracted Coronavirus for the second time, after weeks of leaving medical care. Also, some Americans recovering from symptoms were prevented from donating blood plasma to help treat others because the test result was still positive.

The newspaper said that these disclosures give rise to concern that people who have contracted Corona will develop it again, which scientists say current evidence does not support.

In this context, the newspaper mentioned some common questions that revolve around this question and its answers, according to what most scholars say, including:

I recently recovered from the emerging coronavirus, does this mean that I will not catch it again?
The answer to this question - as most scholars say - is that those who have the disease acquire some immunity to the virus that causes it. But what scientists do not know is whether prevention lasts a few months, a few years, or a lifetime.

What factors affect immunity?
The answer is that the immune system repels infection by producing antibodies that fight invaders. Typically, a combination of genetic and environmental factors, including diet and sleep patterns, affects the strength and longevity of these defenses.

Corona Virus ... a pandemic that does not exclude anyone or countries  ( Al-Jazeera )

Immunity also depends on the pathogen. For example, infection with the virus that causes measles gives life-long immunity, and other infections such as the influenza virus can mutate so quickly that protective antibodies may not recognize them when infected again.

The emerging corona virus mutates more slowly than the influenza virus, and this gives researchers hope that any natural immunity, or vaccine, will provide more permanent protection. Even if someone falls ill again, researchers believe the second infection may be lighter than the first.

As a result of the fear and anxiety of infection again, some ask about any good news. In this, the newspaper reported that a group of Chinese researchers reported last March that they had infected four monkeys in the laboratory, made them recover and then tried to re-infect two of them with the same strain of the virus and neither of them fell ill again.

And why do some people have a positive result again?
Korean doctors participating in an ongoing government review believe that these patients may have low levels of the virus that fail to know the diagnostic polymerase chain reaction (BRC).

In later stages of the disease, the virus settles in the lungs, where it can escape detection. They say that the virus was not completely cleared of by the body.