An octogenarian living in Biarritz was illegally evicted from her home on the first day of deconfinement. Having gone shopping, she found her belongings in the hall of her building, while her owner had changed the locks. 

It's a deconfinement that starts badly. On May 11, an octogenarian renting an apartment in Biarritz was unpleasantly surprised to find her belongings outside her home, and to find that the locks had been changed. An initiative by its owner who wanted to evict it, ignoring all the laws, including that of the winter truce, extended until the end of the state of health emergency on July 10. 

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"He took advantage of her going shopping" ...

"He took advantage of her going shopping in the afternoon to change the locks and take out all the belongings, including what was in the fridge", specifies at the microphone of Europe 1 Me Véronique Décis , the 83-year-old lawyer from Biarrote. "He put everything loose in the hall of the building".

At the origin of the conflict between the lessor and the retiree, the payment of the April rent. "She hadn't paid for it," confirms the council. "I think that's what started to crystallize things," he continues, adding that the settlement has been made in the meantime.


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... to deport him completely illegally

Questioned by the police, the owner said that it was the retiree herself who wanted to move, reports Sud-Ouest , but this version is disputed by the octogenarian and his lawyer. The latter also recalls that "it is not possible to do justice yourself. There must be an order of the court which appoints a bailiff, who will judge himself if it is necessary to order the force public. " Especially since the illegality of the eviction procedure, is added that of the winter break, exceptionally extended until July 10 due to state of health emergency. 

A summary procedure

"She was expelled  manu militari  at 83 years old, we don't do things like that," added the lawyer. Completely destabilized, her business in the car, this octogenarian now sleeps with friends while waiting for the interim procedure launched by her counsel to succeed. If this is the case, the retiree can return to their accommodation, and certainly obtain compensation for the damage suffered.