US Democratic Party proposes economic measures of 320 trillion yen including increase in cash benefits to presidential election May 13 at 10:53

While the U.S. Trump administration faces economic deterioration due to the new coronavirus, the opposition party and the Democratic Party have compiled their own economic measure plan to allocate a huge budget of 320 trillion yen in addition to increasing cash payments to households etc. . For the fall presidential election, it is likely that the ruling and opposition parties will fight hard against the virus.

The additional economic measures proposed by the Democratic Party on December 12 have a total budget of 3 trillion dollars and the Japanese yen amount to 320 trillion yen, and increase cash allowance to individuals by up to 640,000 yen per household. This includes the extension of the unemployment insurance benefit period and financial support for local governments that lack funds due to the improvement of the medical system.

Behind the Democratic Party's compilation of its own proposal, it seems that the aim is to appeal to voters the attitude of protecting workers and the vulnerable, toward the presidential election in November, which is less than half a year before the vote.

However, in the United States, the largest economic measure of 300 trillion yen in total has already been established, and it is necessary for the Trump administration and the ruling party and the Republican Party to determine the effect of this measure and an additional huge amount due to the financial deterioration. Some people have been cautious about their fiscal mobilization.

For this reason, it is unclear whether the Democratic Party's proposal will be approved by the Parliament, but it is likely that the ruling and opposition parties will be more confronted with each other in consideration of the presidential election.