China News Service, May 13 (Xinhua United Times) WeChat public account compiled and reported that Italy has entered the second stage of anti-epidemic on May 4, and many companies have started construction, but Prato Chinese companies have Decided to extend the closing time.

  In an interview with the media, Marco Wong, a Chinese MP in Prato, said: “We are very worried that the infection curve will rise again.” The Prato Chinese have taken cautious measures and protective measures since the outbreak began. Before Italy announced the closure of the city, many Chinese returning to Italy from China had already taken the initiative to isolate themselves. The Chinese community has also made a list of Chinese returnees through voluntary methods so that any infected person can be quickly tracked.

  After all efforts were not paid in vain, the zero infection of the Prato Chinese community became the pride of all concerned Chinese. Not only because of the fear of the virus but also to maintain the victory, many Chinese companies in Prato did not start work immediately after the announcement of the second stage in Italy. Walk along Via Pistoiese, the main road in the Chinese district of Prato. Many shops are still covered by blinds, and there are not many people on the road. Pedestrians wear masks. An important message was conveyed: Even if the closure caused huge losses, protecting the health of thousands of workers was still the number one priority.

  "Although not everyone has decided to delay the opening of the door, for health reasons, they are worried that the infection curve will rise again, and most Chinese have not resumed work." Prato Mayor Matteo Biffoni said: "They should respect their choices." (Fan people)