With the spread of Corona19, hate crimes targeting Asian women wearing masks are increasing in Canada.

Local time today (13th), foreign media, including the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, reported a series of assaults in Canada.

On the 15th of last month, on a city bus in Vancouver, a man poured out racist rants to two Asian women wearing masks, saying "Go back to your country."

The man shook his fists by tearing and kicking the head of another woman who came to dry it, and the victims had to urgently get off the bus.

A few days before the incident, another man walked down the street and suddenly approached an Asian woman wearing a mask and knocked her face down.

A Caucasian woman in her 60s was also reportedly hitting emergency room nurse Catherine Cheng with an umbrella and spitting for a reason in downtown Toronto. "This happened because I am an Asian and wearing a mask," said Mr. Chung.

While none of the suspects in the above cases have been arrested, Dr. Insh & Hwang, a professor of sociology at the University of Manchester, analyzed it as 'discrimination and racism against masked people.'

"This is a cultural clash between Asia and the West, which is quite common on the one hand," said Dr. Hwang. "Furthermore, China is the place where Corona 19 originated, and it serves as a justification for foreign hatred. "The hatred is being realized."

According to the Vancouver police, 20 anti-Asian hate crimes in the region this year have surged in a short period of time compared to last year.

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(Photo = SCMP YouTube / homepage capture)