Korea Export Control “Japan announces its position to withdraw measures” 18:38, May 12

The Korean government withdrew the Japanese side's measures against the Japanese government, saying that it took necessary measures to strengthen the trade control system on the Korean side over the fact that the Japanese government tightened export control to South Korea from last year. I asked for a concrete position by the end of this month.

The Japanese government stricted the export control of three items such as semiconductor raw materials to South Korea in July last year due to insufficient trade control system on the South Korean side, and in the following month, a preferential measure to simplify the export procedure was taken. South Korea has been excluded from the target countries.

Regarding this, South Korea's Ministry of Industry, Trade and Industry's Ministry of Trade and Industry Lee Ho-hyun (Lee Ko-hyun) had a press conference on the 12th, and amended the law on trade management in March this year, which will be enforced next month, and this month 6th. He emphasized that the necessary measures were taken to strengthen the trade control system, including the establishment of a new post of “Securities and Security Policy Officer,” who is also a director general.

Furthermore, he said that he had deepened mutual understanding with the Japanese side through policy dialogue at the director level regarding trade control, and said that "there is no reason to hesitate to restore the original condition" and withdrew the Japanese side's measures against the Japanese government. I asked for a concrete position by the end of this month.

The Korean government seems to have the aim of forcing the Japanese side to completely withdraw the measures by cutting the deadline one year before the Japanese government tightens its export control to South Korea.

Chief Cabinet Secretary "Comprehensive evaluation and operation"

In the afternoon press conference, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan said, "I understand the press conference by the Korean government, but I do not want to comment on each one. I will properly implement export control as an international responsibility. From the point of view, I know that the export control authorities have a policy of comprehensively evaluating and operating the domestic companies and the export control of the export partner country. "