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Many patients with corona19 continue to complain of symptoms even after being judged to be 'cured' and are unable to recover to their pre-infection status.

The New York Times (NYT) in the United States reported on the 10th (local time in the eastern United States) that the corona19 recovery was unusually long in some patients, with an example of an Italian infected with the first corona19 outbreak in western countries.

Color developer Moreno Colombi (59), who lives near northern Milan, where the damage is particularly severe in Italy, was treated with Corona19 and turned negative on March 16.

It has been more than a month since, but Colombi still suffers from dry cough and fatigue.

"I can't go back to my normal rhythm," he said.

If the symptoms are severe enough to cause lung damage, the medical staff explains that it takes a long time to restore the original condition or a complete restoration is difficult.

However, even among non-severe patients, symptoms do not disappear for several weeks, and unusual 'curers' who continue to exacerbate symptoms and repeat relief are continuing.

Martin Solini, 29, who teaches mathematics and physics in high school in northern Italy, also complained that "the symptoms never go away."

Solini began to experience mild fever in early March.

The cough and sore throat disappeared, and the taste and sense of smell returned after 3 weeks, but after that, a stomachache and fatigue appeared and the fever began to heat again.

As a constant symptom, Solini feels tired just by taking classes online.

Italian Parliament member Edmundo Chirielli, 71, was positive in mid-March and temporarily hospitalized for severe respiratory symptoms, but did not get worse enough to have pneumonia.

After improving self-containment, Senator Chirieli suffered severe helplessness, sore throat, and diarrhea, and was deteriorated to the point where she could not concentrate.

"It was okay one day, and then the next day became worse. The symptoms reached a peak, but instead of getting better and worse, I repeated the fluctuations for a month," he described.

After 40 days of symptoms, the virus test showed a negative voice, but the eyes were sore and the symptoms of diarrhea did not go away.

Many other patients also complained that the symptoms of fatigue and helplessness of Corona 19 will not go away.

Similar trends are observed in patients who have not been confirmed, but suspected of having an infection.

Northern Bergamo resident Albertina Bonetti (77) still suffers from shortness of breath, fatigue, and loss of sensation after symptoms began on March 7.

"The virus has left something in the body," said Bonetti. "Never can I go back."

For some reason, Corona19 has a longer duration of recovery or fewer symptoms than other respiratory viral infections.

In addition, Corona 19 attacks the entire body from head to toe and appears to be damaging the kidneys, heart, liver and nerves.

Some of these damages are the result of a secondary infection of Corona19.

NYT was concerned about Corona 19's indiscriminate and persistent aggression, fearing that "no one knows the long-term changes that will appear in patients."

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