No N95 mask in China physical education class New Corona May 12 20:51

China's educational authorities called it "N95" in physical education classes after a series of accidents in which junior high school students who were wearing physical mask classes with masks died in order to prevent infection with the new coronavirus in China. It has a policy of prohibiting wearing high-performance medical masks.

In China, classes in middle and high schools are gradually resuming from areas where the risk of new coronavirus infection is low.

Under these circumstances, from mid-April to late April, in Zhejiang Province in the eastern part, Henan Province and Hunan Province in the inland part, there were three accidents in which a student who was wearing a mask and ran for a long distance in a physical education class died suddenly. , Some of them had a high-performance medical mask called "N95".

In response to the accident, the Chinese Ministry of Education said in a press conference on the 12th, "The N95 mask has extremely poor breathability, and even if no accident occurs, it is not good for physical education in physical education classes." In the class, we showed a policy to prohibit wearing a mask called "N95".