In addition, Min-hyang Yoon, a member of the National Assembly for the National Assembly, said, “On the 11th, the source of the cost of studying in the United States for the daughter's study abroad in the United States is“ a compensation for husbands and families who suffered from spying. ”

Regarding the suspicion that some people don't think the donation of the Justice Memory Association (Juieyeon Yeon) is useful for the cost of studying for their daughter, Yoon Dang-in said, “When I was thinking about studying in 2018, my husband's compensation was paid.” Spokesman Yoon Kyung said.

President-elect Yun served as the permanent representative of the Korea Mental Health Problem-Responsibility Council (Jung Dae-hyup and the current Justice Memory Coalition), a civil organization to solve the Japanese comfort women issue.

Yun Dang-seon's husband, Kim Sam-suk and his younger brother, Eun-ju Kim, were sentenced to imprisonment in the Supreme Court the following year in the 'Sister and Brotherhood' case announced by the Ministry of National Safety and Planning in 1993.

They filed for retrial in 2014 and were acquitted of handing over domestic trends or documents containing military secrets to officials of the anti-national organization Han Tong-ryeon (Korea Democratic Reunification Association of Japan). Won at.

Criminal compensation received by the elected husband Yoon is 190 million won, and civil compensation paid to the family, including the husband's mother, elected daughter, and daughter is 89 million won. (About 100 million won in Korean currency) is less than this.

Sun's daughter is currently studying for a master's degree at UCLA (Los Angeles, California).

An official of the Citizen Party said, "The family of Yun is looking at the compensation that was paid (as a spy manipulation case) as the daughter of the daughter in the stomach at the time and applying for tuition fees." I hope that unnecessary misunderstandings and speculation will be resolved. "

This official said, "It is not necessary to explain or clarify" the suspicion that President-elect Yoon did not transparently manage the donations and funds of Jeong-yeon Yeon, and that President-elect Yoon knew the contents of the 2015 ROK-Japan comfort women agreement in advance. "We are responding."

(Photo = Yonhap News)