The Swedavia Group reports that Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, Sweden's second largest airport, had just over 2,800 passengers in April compared to just over half a million during the same month last year.

"Given the current circumstances globally as a result of the spread of the corona pandemic, as many countries have closed their borders and imposed restrictions, it is no wonder that the number of travelers is so low," says Anna Strömwall, airport director for Landvetter Airport and continues.

- In Sweden, we have the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's current travel advice and the recommendations of the Public Health Authority that apply to us and which of course affect access to and from Sweden.

Have you had similar numbers before?

- No, not for that long. When it was the ash cloud from the volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010, it was zero traffic but only for a week.

According to Swedavia, the corona crisis affected the month fully. The Group's forecast is that air traffic in Sweden will remain "at very low levels in the near future".

In the clip below you can see what Landvetter airport looked like before the Easter holidays.

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Hamid Nateghi took a chance and took the taxi to Landvetter for today's only arrival. Photo: SVT