China News Service, May 11th, according to the WeChat public account of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Central Seventh Ecological Environmental Protection Inspectorate Group reported the inspection situation to China Minmetals Group Co., Ltd. The inspector pointed out that China Minmetals Group has monitored and supervised the environmental issues of its subsidiaries Ineffective, the accountability for environmental assessment of subordinate enterprises is also more formal; in addition, not only Minmetals Group's assessment of direct management enterprises is weak, but also the assessment of subordinate enterprises by direct management enterprises is also formal.

  The inspector pointed out that since 2017, the Minmetals Group ’s party group has conducted little research on the outstanding ecological and environmental problems pointed out by the central environmental protection inspector, and the supervision has not been implemented in place. For major ecological environmental decision-making deployments such as the air and water pollution prevention and action plan issued by the country successively, The level of research and deployment is low, and the implementation of subordinate enterprises is not enough. In the specific work, there are problems of heavy expansion and light environmental protection. Although Minmetals Group ’s “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” strategic planning outline and the “2019-2021 Development Plan” list energy-saving and emission-reduction targets, there are no specific measures, resulting in specific implementation. Often relax requirements.

  In order to enter the field of rare earths, Minmetals Group still knows that the production capacity of Ganxian Hongjin Company is inconsistent with the completion of the acquisition; it has allowed Ganxian Hongjin, Dingnan Dahua and other enterprises to be built without approval. It issued production task indicators that exceeded the EIA's approved production capacity.

  Luzhong Mining, a subsidiary of China Minmetals Corporation, still uses the caving method to mine, which resulted in 11 hectares of collapsed land in the mining area and no land reclamation work has been carried out. There are also some subordinate enterprises with weak awareness of environmental law compliance. Since 2015, only 11 provinces (autonomous regions), such as Liaoning, Jiangsu, and Hunan, have imposed more than 120 penalties on environmental violations by Minmetals Group companies. Enterprises such as MCC Shaanxi Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd., Hunan Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd., Hengyang Shuikoushan Jinxin Lead Industry Co., Ltd., etc. do not even accept non-cooperation with local supervision.

  The inspector also found that Minmetals Group only conducted a simple review of the total emission reduction data reported by its subsidiaries, and paid little attention to the actual work. After MCC changed its shareholding in Huludao Zinc Company from holding to shareholding, it took about 8508 tons of sulfur dioxide emitted by the company as the group's emission reduction, accounting for 95% of the total group's sulfur dioxide emission reduction in 2016-2018 %, The entire group ’s sulfur dioxide reduction is reduced to a digital game.

  In addition, China Minmetals Group has failed to track and supervise the environmental problems of its subsidiaries. For example, Chenzhou Diamond Tungsten Company has serious unorganized emission of exhaust gas, the problem of unpleasant smell and nuisance is prominent, and a large amount of hazardous waste is piled in the open air for a long time. The local authorities have repeatedly ordered rectification, but it has never been resolved. When the rectification was not in place, the group company reported to the Chenzhou government that the rectification task had been completed. Accountability to environmental protection assessments of subordinate enterprises is also more than formal. For a long time, environmental protection work only accounts for 2.5% of the weight of performance assessment. In 2019, even stipulating that in addition to major liability accidents, environmental issues can only be deducted up to 2 points. Not only is Minmetals' weak assessment of the directly-managed enterprises, but the assessment of the directly-managed enterprises to its subordinate enterprises is also formal. For example, in 2017, several subsidiaries of China Minmetals Nonferrous Metals were notified by the Central Environmental Protection Inspector. In 2018, Hunan Nonferrous Chemical Oxygen Demand exceeded the total emissions. The environmental protection problems of Nanchang Cemented Carbide Company have not been rectified, but they have not been reflected in the assessment. ; Luzhong Mining's internal performance appraisal not only does not assess environmental protection, but also rewards mine over-exploitation behavior.

  The inspector pointed out that the Group's internal environmental protection investment mechanism is not perfect, and even some projects included in the Minmetals Group's central environmental protection inspection and rectification project are difficult to obtain financial support. For example, Shuikoushan Company applied to Hunan Non-ferrous Metals for environmental protection funds many times, and Hengdong Fluorochemical Company applied to Hunan Non-ferrous Metals for 17 million yuan for environmental protection treatment, but none of them were approved; the ecological restoration project of Yaogangxian Company won a national special project of 10 million yuan Financial subsidies, but due to the long-term failure of supporting funds for the enterprise, financial funds have been recovered and ecological restoration projects have been unable to be implemented for a long time.

  In response to the problems pointed out by the Central Environmental Protection Inspector, Minmetals Group has prepared an inspection and rectification plan, but it has not been studied by the leadership of the group company, nor has it been issued. During the environmental protection inspection conducted by the central government in Jiangxi Province in 2016, the inspection team received 5 reports from the public regarding the nuisance of the red gold rare earth odor under Minmetals Rare Earth, but the enterprise only rectified one extraction workshop and the remaining three workshops The problem of nuisance has not been solved yet. After the company was included in the relocation plan in June 2018, it completely put aside the waste gas treatment and transformation work, and only set a water seal in the extraction tank to cope with the inspection and inspection.

  According to the rectification requirements, the low-altitude emission pollution and waste residue accumulation of Minmetals Copper Smelting Branch should be rectified in place before the end of 2017. On August 28, 2018, on the eve of the “Looking Back” inspection of Hunan Province by the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate Group, Minmetals Copper did not find a way to rectify the problem, but emphasized the need to do a preparatory plan for the inspection and customs clearance, and strive for the local ecological environment department. "reveal all the details". The problem of excessive flue gas of pellet shaft furnace and 132 square meters sintering machine of Yingkou Zhongban Company has not been resolved for a long time. In order to deceive the honorary title, the company concealed the fact that it was punished 26 times for environmental violations, falsely filled in the declaration materials, and produced air pollution. The illusion of the continuous and stable emission of the standard, and was included in the "green factory public list" by the relevant state departments in July 2019.

  The inspector emphasized that some subordinate enterprises have extensive management, the environment of the Jinxin Lead Industry Company affiliated to the Shuikoushan Group is chaotic, the lead-containing soot cannot be fully collected, the thallium facilities pipes run seriously, and the waste slag generated by the reverberatory furnace and other processes are dumped in the open air. Dingnan Dahua, a subsidiary of Minmetals Rare Earth, secretly drained industrial wastewater with chemical oxygen demand exceeding 10 times. It was discovered by the local eco-environmental department that it was still secretly draining wastewater during the inspection. On-site monitoring found that the pH value of the rainwater drain wastewater was 10.86, and the chemical oxygen demand concentration was 96 mg / L, which exceeded the discharge standard by 0.37 times. Nanchang Cemented Carbide Company has set up private discharge outlets to secretly discharge wastewater with a chemical oxygen demand concentration as high as 396 mg / l. The tungsten oxide workshop has been discharging ammonia-containing tail gas for a long time, which has caused the ambient atmospheric ammonia concentration to exceed the standard.

  At the same time, some affiliated companies have outstanding environmental risks. Zhuhai Metallurgical Group relocated about 20,000 tons of waste residues, 12,000 tons of wastes from Minmetals Copper, more than 6,000 tons of arsenic-alkali residues from Sanxing Antimony, and more than 5,000 tons of hazardous wastes containing heavy metals from Shuikoushan No more than 1,000 tons of ferronickel slag from China Metallurgical Ramu Co., Ltd. have been disposed of in time and there are hidden environmental risks.

  The inspectors demanded that Minmetals Group urge its subsidiaries to strictly abide by the laws and regulations on ecological environment protection, and expedite the resolution of prominent ecological and environmental problems. It is necessary to effectively promote the rectification of relevant issues, pay close attention to ecological restoration and pollution control of enterprises in key industries, promptly investigate hidden environmental risks and promote rectification. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision responsibilities of the headquarters and strictly supervise the assessment mechanism; strengthen the capacity building and continuously improve the level of environmental protection work. It is necessary to pursue serious responsibilities in accordance with regulations and disciplines, and to conduct in-depth investigations on dereliction of duty and responsibilities, clarify responsibilities, and take serious, precise, and effective accountability in accordance with relevant regulations.

  The inspector emphasized that Minmetals Group should study and formulate rectification plans based on the inspector's report, and submit it to the Party Central Committee and the State Council within 30 working days. The rectification plan and the implementation of the rectification shall be disclosed to the society in accordance with relevant regulations.

  The inspection team also sorted out the issue of investigating the responsibility of the ecological environment damage discovered by the inspection, and formed a list, which was transferred to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the Minmetals Group according to the procedures and authorities.