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Shanghai Disneyland theme park decided to reopen its doors tomorrow, Monday, May 11, for the first time since its closure due to the precautionary measures imposed by the governments on the people after the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

The Reuters news agency quoted the website of the Shanghai Disneyland theme park, that entry tickets for the first day of the city's opening for visitors again until May 14 were exhausted through the online reservation service, and tickets for weekend entry on May 16 and 17 were also sold out. , After it goes on sale.

Three minutes, the
Fiji and Maituan online ticketing sites indicated that they had run out of tickets for the opening day. The Fiji website confirmed that the tickets offered for it on May 11 and May 16 had run out within three minutes.

Tickets for entering the theme park vary according to the day, from 399 yuan to 499 yuan (about $ 56 to $ 70), according to Business Insider.

Entertainment City will implement new measures and procedures that include allowing the entry of limited numbers (Pixels).

Preventive measures
As one of the first recreational parks to be reopened around the world after the Corona pandemic, Shanghai Disneyland is likely to serve as an example for Disney parks around the world and other theme parks, because it plans to reopen them, and Disneyland Shanghai will operate with a limited capacity including spacing Social and increase cleaning, disinfection and safety measures followed globally.

Chinese media reported that the first stage of rework in Shanghai Disney City will witness a limited presence along with the application of physical spacing during waiting times and in restaurants and other facilities throughout the city, as well as increasing the frequency of sterilization and disinfection.

Earlier, the Disney Resort in Shanghai said in a statement that during the initial phase of the reopening, the resort will implement new measures and procedures that include allowing entry of limited numbers, requesting to buy tickets and book the appointment in advance through official online channels, and commitment to social spacing in the queues and restaurants Vehicles and other facilities throughout the park, condensation, sterilization and disinfection, temperature monitoring.

Closed areas
The Disney Resort Administration added that it will resume operation in most of the attractions, horse riding activities, some shows, shops and restaurants in the park in limited numbers, while some attractions and interactive experiences such as children's play areas and theatrical performances will remain closed.

Disney CEO Bob Chappick told Business Insider that Shanghai Park usually accommodates 80,000 people a day, but the government has reduced visitor numbers by 30%.

But Chabic explained, "We will actually reopen the city at full capacity, when we are fully trained in the new preventive measures, as well as checking the temperature of visitors before entering."

The cities of Disneyland in California and Florida closed their doors before the Corona pandemic in four unfortunate historical events (Pixels)

and Disneyland is a city of entertainment games, located in several places in the world, including California, the United States, and it is the only park within the group that was designed and built under the supervision of Walt Disney, in addition to the American state of Florida, and Tokyo, the capital of Japan, which is the first city of Disney designed Outside the United States, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Algeria.

This was not the first time that Disneyland Games City was closed. Disney cities in the United States had previously been closed before, and this is the fourth time in history that Disneyland closed its doors, after the attacks of September 11, 2001, and after the assassination of the President. American John F. Kennedy in 1963, after the devastating Northridge earthquake in California in 1994.

Last year, the French security authorities evacuated the city of Disney in the capital, Paris, after information about the presence of an armed man, after the panic that afflicted the visitors, and the authorities warned at the time against visiting the city for a temporary period.