Sweden's largest reindeer slaughterhouse, Arvidsjaur reindeer slaughter, has bought around 11,000 reindeer, but the Corona virus has struck as a blow to the reindeer industry.

Demand for pure meat is falling when, among other things, Norway has closed its borders and restaurants are running poorly.

Now there is a risk that the Arvidsjaur stocks will not be empty before the next slaughter this autumn, which means that the Arvidsjaur reindeer slaughter will not be able to buy as many reindeer herds as usual.

- If there is a stop somewhere, there will be a stop for everyone, says Roland Sandgren, CEO of Arvidsjaur reindeer slaughter.

Big loss when markets set in

Game owner Anders Skum in Ammarnäs lost almost 80 percent of its orders a month ago. The summer markets and festivals are important sales areas and when they now set, he has to switch and start selling directly to customers instead.

- It is important to find other sales channels. I work hard with it around the clock. You can't lie down and feel sorry for yourself, says Anders Skum.