The PP has accused this Saturday the PSOE of making a "disgusting campaign" against the president of the Community of Madrid, the 'popular' Isabel Díaz Ayuso , by spreading a poster on social networks that puts Madrid as an "example of ineffective management and irresponsible "of the coronavirus crisis .

The PSOE spread this image yesterday from its official Twitter account, under the slogan "We protect Madrid" and noting that "the life and health of the people of Madrid and Madrid come first. Ahead of partisan calculations, economists or propagandists, there is the security".

This campaign has sparked criticism from PP President Pablo Casado and the Madrid president, who has written on Twitter: "There is no right."

The secretary general of the PP of Madrid, Ana Camins, has accused the PSOE of making a "mean policy" against Díaz Ayuso and has apologized to this party, in statements sent to the media.

In addition, he has asked the spokesman for the Socialists in the Madrid Assembly, Ángel Gabilondo, if he shares the "campaign of harassment". "Mr. Gabilondo cannot be on the one hand offering a pact to the Government of the Community of Madrid for reconstruction and on the other hand allowing Ferraz and Moncloa to use the sewers of social networks to go against an autonomous government", has stressed.

The 'popular' consider that the socialists "are not credible" because they were "negligent" allowing the March 8 march , putting their "partisan intentions" before the "health of all Madrilenians."

The Madrid PP believes that the PSOE are "very nervous" because Ayuso's way of doing politics is contrary to that of Pedro Sánchez. "The President of Madrid is breaking her face for the people of Madrid, she has taken initiatives before the Government of the nation and there is no right that from the official accounts of the PSOE they launch these petty attacks against the President's management," ditched Camins.

Also the Madrid vice president, Ignacio Aguado , from Cs, has made this campaign ugly. "This way nothing is rebuilt. This is how it destroys, divides and confronts the Spanish. It is time to build bridges, although the PSOE prefers to blow them up in the Community of Madrid," he wrote on Twitter.

For its part, the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas , has described the tweet as "absolute shame" the criticism on social networks of the PSOE to the Madrid government.

The Ministry of Health yesterday rejected Madrid's move to phase 1, claimed by the regional government, which defended this step despite the fact that the general director of Public Health Yolanda Fuentes, advised against it before resigning, alluding to UCIS congestion, the lack of protective equipment or insufficient personnel in primary care.

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