China News Service, May 9 (Xinhua), according to the Philippine "World Daily" report, a few days ago, the head of the Philippine-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Philippine Central Bank President Lu Nuo held a video conference. In the meantime, Lu Nuo hosted a lecture to explain the economic and people's livelihood faced by the local people during the anti-epidemic closure, and introduced a series of government recovery and economic stimulus plans. The two sides also held cordial exchanges and in-depth discussions on some issues and concerns encountered by the Philippine business community in terms of anti-epidemic closure and enhanced community isolation.

  The video conference was chaired by Prime Minister Lin Yuqing, who reported to Lu Nuo on various social welfare work that the General Chamber of Commerce participated in during the anti-epidemic period, especially led by three member units of the General Chamber of Commerce, the Philippine Chinese Federation and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Philippines China ’s Disaster Relief Fund has raised more than 270 million pesos and donated various medical materials to public and private hospitals.

  Lu Nuo said that in view of the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on the Philippine economy, the Central Bank has lowered this year's comprehensive interest rate to 125 basis points. He detailed the central bank's response to the impact of the new crown epidemic on the national economy, and said that the Philippine economy is expected to recover in 2021, with a growth rate of 7.8%.

  At the same time, because the government needs funds to aid the economic recovery of his country, he also called on the Philippine society to pay the correct taxes.

  During the meeting, Lu Nuo and the leaders of the General Chamber of Commerce also exchanged views on various issues related to economic recovery and the promotion of people's livelihood.