According to the expert, the number of ticks in the country can be considered normal for May. However, Krivosheina noted that in some places there are a lot of these insects, especially where dry grass has been preserved.

“There are really many ticks in the Moscow region now. But after some time they will disappear. I think in 7-10 days they will be much smaller. It’s just such a spring peak ... Somewhere from the end of May there will be no ticks, ”she emphasized.

Entomologist talked about the basic rules of protection against ticks. According to her, it is necessary first of all to remember that ticks always creep from the bottom up.

“It is necessary that there be deaf clothes and that they cannot get under the clothes. It is also necessary to examine yourself, wear a hat, if you go to the forest. It is necessary to spray pets with special solutions, wear collars. For people, there are also special sprayers for clothes that repel ticks, ”said Krivosheina.

One of the preventive measures may be a vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis, but the specialist noted that this will not protect against the dangerous consequences of meeting with ticks 100%.

“There are areas where people go to the taiga - in Siberia, in the Far East. There, these vaccinations are more relevant. But ticks carry not only encephalitis. There are no vaccinations from some things. That is, the main way to protect yourself is not to go to overgrown places, constantly inspect yourself, ”said the entomologist.

Earlier, the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor talked about a possible increased risk of spread of tick-borne infections this season due to a warm winter.