(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Lishui, Zhejiang: Hand in hand to fight the epidemic across the ocean to help warm the hearts of overseas Chinese

  China News Service, Lishui, May 8 (Reporter Zhou Yulong) New crown pneumonia threatens the lives and physical and mental health of overseas Chinese. To this end, Lishui City of Zhejiang Province assisted the overseas anti-epidemic special class, and the city and county overseas Chinese federations acted swiftly, and cooperated with major local hospitals to carry out "1000 doctors paired with 100 overseas Chinese groups activities", using the Internet platform to provide medical and psychological counseling services, The physical and mental health of the overseas Chinese in the epidemic area is escorted. One touching story after another is happening in Lishui Overseas Chinese.

  "Relax, it will be all right! Let's cheer for you and your baby together!" Recently, in the diagnosis and treatment group of the Overseas Chinese Association of Southern Spain, Zhang Junyu, deputy chief physician of Lishui City Central Hospital, is using warm heart to encourage and appease Spanish overseas compatriot Lili (pseudonym) was nervous.

  Lili is an older pregnant woman who has been pregnant for more than 2 months. She went to the local hospital for emergency symptoms due to threatened miscarriage on March 23 and began to experience headache and cough symptoms. Because the local hospital is not admitted, she can only take Chinese medicine at home. Symptoms such as dry cough and breathlessness appeared. So she suspected that she had won the new crown and worried about the effect of Chinese medicine on the fetus. Her emotions became very anxious, and she wanted to seek help from the doctor in her hometown through thousands of pairs.

  Because Lili's situation is special, and the possibility of a new crown cannot be ruled out by consultation, Zhang Junyu suggested that she should take personal protection and go to the hospital clinic for blood routine + CRP test as soon as possible to determine the type of infection for symptomatic treatment.

  In order to further help Lili do a more accurate diagnosis and treatment, Zhang Junyu specially contacted another doctor Yao Zuoying for Lili. Yao Zuoying used the photos of Lili's tongue coating for treatment, prescribed prescriptions for pregnant women, and immediately sent Chinese medicine preparations to Spain by express delivery.

  Fu Zhenghong, president of the Overseas Chinese Association of Southern Spain, immediately called Lili after learning about the situation, to learn more about her life situation and specific difficulties, and told her to go to the hospital for examination as recommended by the doctor.

  The deeds of two doctors in Lishui City Central Hospital assisting overseas Chinese Lili remotely are only a microcosm of the pairing activities. Up to now, the "Thousand Physicians Paired with Hundreds of Overseas Chinese Missions" has consulted more than 13,000 people and watched lectures online for more than 28,000 people. (Finish)