The People's Liberation Army Daily launched a series of articles: The People's Army's Revelation of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Task

  President Xi signed a general order a few days ago to commend the army for the implementation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control task. The commendation order stated: "The sudden new pneumonia epidemic is a war and exam for the entire army and the majority of officers and soldiers. All personnel who carry out the epidemic prevention and control tasks, with firm beliefs, strong ability, tenacity, sacrifice and dedication, have handed over a A satisfactory answer. "

  What is inscribed and revealed in this answer sheet? What kind of spirit, experience and strength should we learn from it? Recalling the days and nights of the anti-epidemic field, we are even more convinced: the people ’s army listens to the party ’s command and serves the loyal character of the people, the fighting spirit of daring to fight and dare to win, not afraid of fatigue, and the excellent style of continuous combat. Distinctive political character. In order to inherit and carry forward this character, spirit, and style, we can only go from suffering to glory, and can we have the majestic power in the great journey of strengthening the army.

  Carry forward the spirit of anti-epidemic disease, explain the experience of anti-epidemic disease, and draw the power of a strong army. The People's Liberation Army Daily will launch a series of articles on "Revelation of the People's Army's Implementation of New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak Prevention and Control Tasks". Please stay tuned.

Jiangcheng Witness: Our Forever Army Soul

——Revelation of the People's Army's New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Task ①

  -Reporter Wang Tonghua Gao Liying Chen Xiaojing

  "When ..." On the banks of the Yangtze River, Wuhan Jianghanguan Building stood quietly. The bell that rang at all hours seemed like the heartbeat of the city.

  The surging Yangtze River and the towering Yellow Crane Tower. Through the vicissitudes of life, witnessing the times, what witnessed by a river and a city?

  Time can be touched and listened to.

  Twenty-two years ago, a hymn "For Who" dedicated to the anti-hong heroes sang in the motherland. The filming location of the song's MV is Wuhan, the heroic city against the flood. Twenty-two years later, singer Zu Hai once again sang this song dedicated to heroes for Wuhan, and dedicated to the heroes in the battle against the epidemic—white warriors.

  A song that travels through time and space. "Who are you? For whom?" Behind the voices of the common people, there is an eternal percussion of an army: Where do we come from and where are we going?

  The answer, just in a team that has heard the news, in a charge that has given birth to death forever, is just a time to ask someone else to fight.

  The answer, engraved in Chairman Xi ’s commendation circular: “All the personnel keep in mind the purpose of our army, always adhere to the interests of the people above all else, and put the safety and health of the people first, showing the loyalty of the people ’s children to the party and the people 'S political character ... "

  "Be loyal to the party and loyal to the people"-from history, we should bear in mind that listening to the party's command is our ever-changing military soul, and serving the people wholeheartedly is our ever-changing purpose.

  "Be loyal to the party and loyal to the people"-Going forward, we should bear in mind that at any time, we must be absolutely loyal, call it, come to fight, and win the battle, add luster to the party flag and military flag .

There is a call, "When that day really comes"

  "The PLA is here!"

  On the New Year's Eve, when the family reunited, Thunder, a medical team selected from the Army, Navy, and Air Force Military Medical University, went out to become the first medical team to support Hubei after the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia.

  This night, the army ’s support of the Hubei Medical Team ’s camouflage array exploded on the Internet, adding confidence and strength to the anxious Wuhan citizens.

  Xingye Chi aid, anxious. Entered Jinyintan Hospital, Hankou Hospital, Wuchang Hospital, Huoshenshan Hospital, Wuhan Taikang Tongji Hospital, Hubei Provincial Maternity and Child Health Hospital Optics Valley Campus ... "the first time", witnessing the "army speed" that is competing every second.

  The military order was like a mountain, and it was heard. Regardless of military service, theater, or affiliation ... More than 4,000 troops from the medical units of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Army, Strategic Support Force, Joint Logistics Support Force, and Armed Police Force support the arrival of Hubei Medical Team After Wuhan, the joint logistics support forces were under the unified command and management to ensure that they were able to punch and charge as soon as possible.

  On February 13, a group of military medical personnel who reinforced Wuhan arrived in Wuhan Tianhe Airport. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Yunshe

  In the more than 80 days of fighting the epidemic, the land of Jingchu not only witnessed a world-famous land and air force delivery, and a large concentration of medical services, but also witnessed the first time for the whole military health service after deepening national defense and military reforms. Big draw group, big union, big synergy.

  What embodies their strength? What inspired their energy?

  This is a slogan widely circulated in the army ’s support to the Hubei medical team: “No matter you or me, only us.” The detailed slogan reminds me of the words of Marshal Luo Ronghuan: “Our army has characteristics, and it has always been against” I'm just using 'us'. "

  Marshal Luo Ronghuan made these remarks in 1929. At the Gutian Conference that year, the People's Army established the military spirit of the party's absolute leadership over the army.

  Through time and space, the soul of the army stays forever. The "shutter" pressed on the front line of the epidemic prevention, locked in the "large depth of field" of the people's army's transformation and re-shaping, and demonstrated the eternal background of loyalty to the party and the people.

  Opening the WeChat circle of friends of the medical team, the reporter found many similar expressions: "The motherland and the people need me, even if they die" "I have no baby, no worries, send me" "I have a fight against SARS Experience, let me go "...

  "When that day really comes, rest assured, the motherland, rest assured, loved ones, I will bravely advance to win!" Although countless times have sung this "When That Day Is Coming", but at this moment, staring at the bright red flag, FireWire Mei Bo, a young doctor who joined the party, only truly realized the profound meaning of this sentence.

  "You are a soldier, you must be ready to go to the battlefield at any time!" 22 years ago, in the face of that great flood, countless soldiers asked for battle, saying this sentence; 17 years ago, in the face of the SARS epidemic, white soldiers went to fight the epidemic At the first line, the same thing was said.

  From the anti-flood of that year to the anti-epidemic of today, from Xiaotang Mountain of that year to Vulcan Mountain of today ... When the country and the people were in distress, the soldiers of the people went to Tanghuohu and never absent.

  "This is the call of the party and the call of the people." A member of the team wrote in the petition, "The time has come to honor the party oath and the army oath as a party member and as a soldier!"

  "Mountain, piercing the blue sky is not broken. The sky is about to fall, relying on it." Since the Nanchang Uprising, where is the most shocking power of this heroic army?

  The answer is once again manifested in today's anti-epidemic line-always follow the party's call and respond to the people's call!

There is a kind of answer sheet called "The call comes, the war can come, the war can win"

  The land of the nine provinces, where the Han River and the Yangtze River meet, bred a splendid city: Wuhan.

  "The wind is moving, the turtle is serene, and the grand plan." There are many bridges in Wuhan, and the bridges across the river are like ridges, supporting the city's ambition and grand plan.

  "You are like that bridge, carrying us to the other side of life ..." That day, I received a text message from a discharged patient. Military doctor Li Wenfang looked at the Yangtze River Bridge, which travels every day. kind.

  On February 24, in the Intensive Care Unit of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, Li Wenfang (right) communicated with the patient. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Wu Haoyu)

  In more than 80 days, including more than 4,000 troops from the military support team in Hubei, including Li Wenfang, admitted a total of 7198 diagnosed patients.

  "Use our blood to cast the soul of Jingchu, use our backbone to support a new universe ..." As the song "Song of Wuhan" sings, the heroic city and heroic people once again witnessed a The answer of the times handed over by the hero's army.

  What kind of answer is this?

  Chairman Xi pointed out in the commendation order: "The sudden new pneumonia epidemic is a battle and a test for the entire army and the vast number of officers and soldiers. All personnel who carry out the epidemic prevention and control tasks, with firm beliefs, strong ability, tenacity, sacrifice sacrifices, Handed in a satisfactory answer. "

  When the sea is flowing, the hero's character is displayed; when it is critical, the power of the hard core is displayed.

  "The call comes, the war can come, and the war can win." Victory is the eternal pursuit of the people's army. Nothing is needed except for victory.

  Faced with the test paper for the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic, the People ’s Army remembered President Xi ’s instructions to charge the frontline of the epidemic, accept the most critically ill patients, take over the most dangerous wards, and take over the most difficult tasks.

  Why can this army win? All along, countless Chinese and foreign scholars who study the People's Army are pursuing the answer. Although their answers are different, the directions are very clear: this is an army of faith and soul!

  In the rivers of constant flow, the rivers are calm, or the rapids are steep. In the past 2019, China has achieved a series of brilliant achievements, but unexpectedly encountered a sudden new outbreak of pneumonia.

  The character of a nation, the ethos of a country, and the soul of an army are radiated and stood upright in the baptism of strong winds and waves.

  History can often be seen more clearly after time has passed.

  Sixty-eight years ago, in the tragic and unprecedented Battle of Shangganling, the American artillery shells lowered the top of Shangganling Mountain by 2 meters, and did not take Huang Jiguang's troops back a step back. Today, 68 years later, Hu Huan, a soldier from this unit, signed up to join the force support team of the troops stationed in Hubei to fight the epidemic. He clearly remembered the scene where the order was issued that day-the company commander asked if anyone wanted to fight the epidemic, and everyone in the company, including him, took a step forward.

  Twenty-two years ago, in the face of a catastrophic flood that had not been encountered for a hundred years, the officers and soldiers of a Pontoon Bridge brigade and hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians made a vow to shake the world: "Pledge to coexist with the embankment and die!" 22 years later, this brigade received the Vulcan Hill Hospital On the order to transport medical supplies, Chen Zhengjun, the fourth-level sergeant, volunteered: "I'm going!"

  Twelve years ago, under an order, a certain air force regiment flew to Wenchuan for earthquake relief. Today, 12 years later, the regiment was tasked with airlifting troops to support Wuhan, and once again handed over a "hard-core" transcript: 4 expeditions, 15 aircraft, 8 different airports, and a range of nearly 50,000 kilometers ...

  For the People's Army, faith and soul are the sharpest weapons.

  From "Shangganling Answer Sheet" to "Wenchuan Answer Sheet" to "Wuhan Answer Sheet", the people's soldiers have won one by one, writing absolute loyalty to the party and the people.

  The anti-epidemic answer sheet handed over by the People's Army once again told the world that all the victories won and all miracles created by this army are rooted in the unchanging military soul.

There is a promise called "Chinese People's Liberation Army vowed to die"

  The word "faith" has a promise in the word "faith" and reverence in the word "admiration".

  "I want to ask the people of the whole country to rest assured that in the face of the epidemic, our People's Liberation Army vows to die!" Wuhan Tianhe Airport, the military support Hubei medical team member Ma Ling's oath showing Chinese soldiers' loyalty, resounding in the land of China.

  "Please rest assured that the people of the whole country will swear to die in the face of the epidemic!" This is the oath made by Ma Ling, a member of the military support team of the Hubei Medical Team, who arrived in Wuhan on February 2 in an interview.

  Vow to die, only for one promise: people's lives are heavier than Mount Tai! This sonorous oath is not only a report to the party and the people, but also a declaration of military support for the medical team in Hubei.

  "Why do the people trust the People's Liberation Army?" Not long ago, this question was raised by netizens on an online social platform. Among the many answers, a military reporter's answer received the most praises-

  "The Chinese People's Liberation Army also has a cordial name: People's Children Soldiers. Children's soldiers are the breast name of the people's mother calling this team. It reminds people that blood is thicker than water and makes people feel affectionate.

  Next year, the Chinese Communist Party will celebrate its 100th birthday. President Xi said that the most valuable thing a political party, like a person, is to experience the vicissitudes of life and to cherish a heart with a naked child.

  The white combat gown, the "red zone" according to his original intention. Those who fought day and night told us: The People's Army under the leadership of the Party is pregnant with such a naked heart-we are the soldiers of the people.

  The soul of the People's Army is polished by soldiers. Looking back on the front line of anti-epidemic disease, those who gave up their lives and forgot their deaths were overprinted with the red gene logo and the password of the original mission.

  That is the figure of respiratory system expert Li Qi. 55-year-old Li Qi is carrying the "battlefield" on the ventilator. He said: "This is our position, this is our battle position. Each of us is ready to charge."

  That is the figure of nurse Wu Yaling. That day, Wu Yaling burst into tears when she learned that her mother had passed away. She in the ward, "I can't give my mother a last trip, I can't give my mother a last hug", and can only face the direction of the home, bowing in tears ... The strong girl said: "Defend the position, defend the battle position Is loyalty to the party and the people. "

  Late at night, the stars above the Vulcan Hill Hospital were shining brightly. The stars in the sky give directions. The figures of Li Qi and Wu Yaling, who lay down their lives and forget their lives, are the road signs for this army to charge on the battlefield of anti-epidemic.

  The road sign of charge is passed down from generation to generation.

  Qian Guisheng, a retired old professor at the Army Military Medical University, is 78 years old, and learned that his student Li Qi is about to go to Wuhan to fight the epidemic. He specifically called and said, "Must be patient-centered."

  Li Qi proudly reported to the teacher: "Not only your students are here, but also your students ..."

  Look through the roster of military support for the medical team in Hubei, you will find a ring of military forces endlessly-

  A large number of "60s" veterans with rich experience in prevention, treatment and treatment of infectious diseases came out, a large number of "70s" backbone forces who participated in the first-line rescue of the Wenchuan and Yushu earthquakes stood up, and a large number of newly converted civilians "Post-80s" medical staff came out, and a large number of "post-90s" and "post-95s" came out ...

  President Xi profoundly pointed out: "The deepest spiritual pursuit of a nation must be genetically sequenced in the national spirit that it is passed down."

  Isn't an army like that! More than 90 years have passed, and the great military soul has become more and more shining in the baptism of the years. It traverses time and space to chase everything, and continues the spiritual lineage of the people's army, which illuminates the long road of our forging ahead.

  This is the light of victory. Day after day, week after week, month after month ... In the city of Wuhan, the white soldiers used their lives to fulfill their missions, and ushered in success stories with this heroic city.

  This is the light of faith. In the land of China, the powerful forces gathered by the People's Army have brought countless warmth, melting the tenacious and unyielding spirit, and casting the ever-changing military soul.

  This is the inheritance and development of the red gene in the special battlefield. This is the latest sequence of the red gene condensed by the people's army with its original heart and mission.