China News Service, May 7 (Xinhua) According to US media reports, on the 6th local time, a senior U.S. official stated that a 57-year-old Salvadoran man died of the new coronavirus and became a member of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). Under detention, the first person to die from the new crown epidemic.

On April 11, local time, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, few pedestrians walked on Park Avenue in New York. China News Agency reporter Liao Panshe

  The official said the dead man had been in a detention center in San Diego, California. "He was infected with the new coronavirus here. After a positive test, he was taken to hospital for treatment and died."

  According to reports, at least 132 detainees in the detention centers in the San Diego area were infected with the new coronavirus, the highest number of infections among all ICE detention centers. According to ICE statistics, at least 705 detained immigrants have tested positive for the new coronavirus, and among the 1460 people who have been tested for virus, the infection rate is as high as 48%.

  It is reported that in the institution ’s huge prison network, the number of confirmed cases of the new crown has been steadily increasing. In the past three weeks alone, the institution has reported 581 confirmed cases. In addition, many of the more than 29,000 immigrants detained by ICE have become increasingly frustrated. They said that they were unable to protect themselves from infection when they were in close contact.

  The report said that since the spread of the new crown epidemic in the United States, immigrant advocates and human rights organizations have been urging ICE to significantly reduce the number of detainees to reduce the risk of a large-scale outbreak. As of now, ICE has released more than 900 immigrants susceptible to new coronavirus.

  In addition, in view of the lawsuits filed by defenders across the country, federal judges also asked the agency to release more than 190 detainees at risk.

  However, supporters of immigration believe that ICE has not done enough to protect detainees. Oversight lawyer Anne Rios has been working hard to release dozens of detainees from the Otay Mesa detention center, and she said she is concerned that other immigrants will die while in detention.