The number of cases of coronavirus around the world exceeded 3.8 million, while data of the World Meters international platform specializing in statistics showed that the total number of people recovering also rose to 1.3 million, and also indicated that the number of deaths exceeded 265 thousand, including more than 150 A thousand deaths in Europe. Yesterday, the United Nations issued a call to raise $ 6.7 billion to protect millions of lives and stop the spread of the virus in fragile states. This appeal is three times the initial assessments.

In detail, the United States topped the world in terms of number of injuries and deaths, followed by injuries, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Iran and China. The number of injuries in the United States exceeded one million and 263 thousand injuries, in addition to about 75 thousand deaths.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused more than 150,000 deaths in Europe, about 75% of them in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France.

With a total of 150,138 deaths (out of 16,40799 injuries), Europe is the most affected continent in the world with the epidemic that has killed 263,573 people. The UK has the highest number of deaths in Europe (30076), followed by Italy (29684) and Spain (26070).

As for China, the first focus of the virus, it recorded 82,885 infections and 4,633 deaths.

The number of cases of coronavirus in Russia rose to 177,160 yesterday after a record daily increase, which means that it ranks fifth in the world in terms of the number of people infected with the virus, surpassing Germany and France.

The number of new cases in Russia has increased by 11,231 in the past 24 hours.

Moscow, the epicenter of the virus's outbreak in Russia, has recorded more than half of all infections and deaths. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus among the ranks of the armed forces and educational institutions affiliated to it rose to 3,285, and indicated that among these 1,506 military personnel.

And in Berlin, the deputy head of the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases, Larch Shadeh, warned of the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus infections before the fall due to people's behavior, as the country reopens its economy again.

In New Delhi, the Indian Ministry of Health said yesterday that the number of cases of coronaviruses in the country exceeded 50,000 without indications that the infection had receded.

Brazil recorded more than 600 deaths from the Corona virus in one day for the first time, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

In New York, the United Nations issued an appeal yesterday to raise $ 6.7 billion to protect millions of lives and stop the spread of the Corona virus in fragile states. This appeal is three times the initial evaluation.

The United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock, called for swift and resolute action to avoid the most destabilizing effects of the Corona pandemic, by launching an appeal to raise $ 6.7 billion and announcing an updated global plan to combat the Corona virus in fragile states.

The United Nations said in a statement that the Coruna virus has reached all countries of the world, and that it is not expected to reach the peak of the disease in the poorest countries except during the next three to six months. There are already indications of lower incomes, disappearances of jobs, lower food supplies and higher prices, and children have started to lose vaccines and school meals.

During the launch of the appeal, Lockook said, "The Corona pandemic hurts us all, but the most destructive and destabilizing effects will be in the poorest countries, and if we do not take action now, we must be prepared for a significant rise in conflicts, hunger and poverty." He added: "If we do not support those who are poorer, especially women and girls and the most vulnerable groups, who are fighting the pandemic and the consequences of the global recession, we will deal with the indirect effects of many years to come, and this will be more painful and more costly for all."

Germany warns of a second wave of "Corona" .. Russia bypasses Germany and France in injuries.

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