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May 06, 2020 "If it does not pass, I am faced with a careful reflection. For me it is a reason for staying in the government, I am not here to do upholstery". The Minister of Agricultural Policies, Teresa Bellanova, said it on Radio on Rai Radio1 too, answering the question of what consequences should the regularization measure of foreign workers not pass.

"For me this is not an instrumental battle because these people do not vote. Many look to consensus, we are fighting for people who do not vote", stressed the Minister for Agricultural Policies, Teresa Bellanova, regarding her battle for the regularization of foreign workers.

"Among the people - explained Bellanova - there is mistrust because for years the idea has been passed that the different are the enemies and that immigrants come here to take away our work. They are instead fundamental to carry out some activities, not only in agriculture where we risk enormous waste due to the lack of harvest, but also the carers who assist many elderly people ". 

 "We aim - continued the minister - to grant a temporary residence permit for six months, renewable for another six months, for companies and families who want to regularize. There will also be a contribution for the state, even if we shouldn't exaggerate: yes it treats people who are exploited for three euros an hour, making unfair competition to companies that respect the rules ".   

Bellanova has not commented on the estimates that speak of 600 thousand people affected by a measure of emergence from illegal work. "I'm not able to say it, it's about who can have a contract. We start with the workers in the fields, otherwise someone will have to take responsibility for making the products rot in the fields, and the carers," he said.