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North Korean propaganda media criticized South Korea's fake news yesterday (5th). Although it was not mentioned directly, it is interpreted as a complaint about Kim Jong-un's misinformation.

Reporter Kim Hye-young.

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is an article yesterday by the echo of the North Korean propaganda media.

It is said that fake news from South Korea is putting people in chaos, and pointed out 'South Korea's conservatives' as the main agent that spreads fake news against YouTube to YouTube.

Conservative media, including certain media outlets, have accused the news of fake news, and the Future United Nations is saying that power should not limit freedom of expression.

The definition of fake news and the concern that the speed of propagation has increased due to the development of SNS, but did not mention the details of fake news.

As the recent controversial report of Kim Jong-un's health abnormality proved to be a misinformation, it is interpreted as a strong complaint.

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before the weekend, recent YouTube accounts yen is estimated that North Korea A video of citizens of Pyongyang using the Daedong River aquatic product market was posted, and it seems to have an intention to emphasize that North Korean society remains stable.